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Spring Flings

Spring means it is time to venture back outdoors, and start thinking of fun ideas to share with friends and family. Whether a get-together, party or celebration for kids or adults, spring also means lots of coupon and deal friendly store offerings.

Add some party activities, such as lawn games or fun crafting for the kids (making friendship bracelets, etc.).

Make your own decorations, update your old ones or start with some new decorations that fit the theme of your party or celebration. There are a lot of great Spring Deals out there for crafting, party supplies, costumes and accessories that should spark some great ideas for fun or complete what you have already put together.…Great Party Supplies at Low Prices

The best things do come in 3s! You now have 3 new ways to save even more money when you shop at Costume Discounters for costumes and accessories for your Spring themed parties, plays and celebrations.

• Save 10% on orders of $100 or more with code: TENMORE
• Save 10% off for costumes priced at $35 or more using code: 35SPRING
• Save with Free Shipping on orders $60 or more with code: FREE60

In addition, Memorial Day will be here before we know it. Look for American Themed costumes and accessories that will be sure to complement all Memorial Day Celebrations.

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Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift Card Promotion

Mother’s and Father’s Day are both right around the corner, and is geared up for them. Mother’s Day creative is available now, and Father’s Day is coming soon. Don’t forget to log in and pick up yours, today.

Starting on 4/27/2011, will also begin their May promotion with the coupon code ‘MOMDAD2011’. This code provides you with a Free Create-A-Card upgrade, allowing you to upload their favorite picture of Mom or Dad onto their gift card. This code will be valid through 5/31/2011, and creatives will be available shortly.

Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day! Get a Free Upgrade to Create-A-Card for a personal picture. Use MOMDAD2011 coupon code today!

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Ways to get the Best Deals at a Yard Sale

Browse your local classifieds a day or two in advance for Yard Sales or visit to search by zip code. Fundraising Yard Sales can have donated items being offered for less than residential Yard Sales.

Be sure to have plenty of change and small bills with you. Some sellers may not always be able to make change for large bills, and having exact cash in hand can help cement your low offer for items.

A simple negotiating technique is to make a reasonable offer, not more than 40% lower than the seller’s asking price, and expect the seller to negotiate up from there. You will typical negotiation this way will net you 20% – 30% off the seller’s original asking price.

Pay attention to any damage or flaws in items you are interested in buying at yard sales. This is a great way to ask for an additional discount.

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Get more Cash for Cleaning out your Closet

Cleaning out or refreshing what’s hanging in your closet? A few ways to get more cash for the clothes you decide to sell will depend on the where & how you are going to sell them.

If you are going to have a Consignment shop sell your clothing items for you, make sure you negotiate the Seller’s Fees. Most stores will lower the fee if you take the time to ask up front!

If you want to get the most for your clothes at a Yard Sale, keep them displayed neatly (hung up on racks, or carefully folded), and have a reasonable asking price that is higher than you want – smart yard sale shoppers will want to negotiate the price down, and you will still get the price (or close to it) that you wanted in the first place.

If you are going to sell your clothes on eBay, make sure you have short, accurate descriptions and a good photo of each piece. If you have a Firm price in mind – list it as a Buy It Now. If you have a sought after, popular name-brand item, list as an Auction for the lowest ‘starting’ price you are comfortable with, and let the eBay shoppers bid each other for it.

Article by Savvy Shopping News

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