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Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1)

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

From the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Addison Moore

The Celestra Series has been optioned for film by 20th CENTURY FOX

Praise for Ethereal…

Most addictive book for me since Sookie! – Amazon Review

Best Kindle read of the year – MissT

Ethereal is a must read – Amelia Sweet

the book is written beautifully and the plot unfolds delicately. It’s a great story and I found the characters to be well thought through and impassioned. – Amazon Review

It’s one of the best stories I’ve read recently and I would place it on the bestseller shelf with out hesitation. – Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Blog

Wow oh wow is this book amazing! It has been a while since I read a book I absolutely couldn’t put it down. – Book Escapes

I LOVED this book… I cannot wait to see what happens with the characters. I recommend this book to anyone who is tired of the same old paranormal romance book. This book has it all.
–Love thy teen author Blog

Definite must read, and another new series I cant wait to read more of.
– YA lit lovers

Ethereal is a very well written story that captured our attention very early on and kept us quickly thumbing through the pages up until the very end. Addison Moore has the ability to create this complex, amazing backdrop in her stories that deposits a reader right into her fantasy world using just minimal, yet extremely descriptive words. – The Book Hookup

Solid Success for Ethereal – Kids Ebook Bestsellers

Sixteen year-old, Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking.

When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island, to a house that is rumored to be haunted, Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver, a boy who shares her unique ability to read minds.

Skyla discovers Logan holds the answers to the questions she’s been looking for, but Logan’s reluctance to give her the knowledge she desires leaves her believing Logan has a few secrets of his own.

Skyla’s bloodlines may just be connected to the most powerful angelic beings that roam the earth, and the more she knows, the more danger she seems to be in.

Suddenly an entire faction of earthbound angels wants her dead, at least she still has Logan, or does she?

Other books in the Celestra Series include;

Tremble (Celestra Series Book 2)
Burn (Celestra Series Book 3)
Wicked (Celestra Series Book 4)
Vex (Celestra Series Book 5)
Expel (Celestra Series Book 6)
Toxic Part One (Celestra Series Book 7)
Toxic Part Two (Celestra Series Book 7.5)
Ephemeral (The Countenance Trilogy 1)
Evanescent (The Countenance Trilogy 2)
Someone to Love (Someone to Love 1)

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Shoppers of the world unite: (RED)’s messaging and morality in the fight against African AIDS.(Viewpoint essay): An article from: Journal of Pan African Studies

This digital document is an article from Journal of Pan African Studies, published by Journal of Pan African Studies on September 1, 2008. The length of the article is 10283 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

From the author: Recently, Africa has become the focus of much media and celebrity attention. In particular, AIDS in Africa has received significant attention. (Product)RED, a business initiative/ philanthropic venture, is one of the most visible campaigns in the effort to raise money for AIDS work on the continent. This paper is guided by a simple theoretical endeavor: I examine how (Product)RED constructs a moral/common sense imperative, using long-held cultural tropes and schemas of Africa to do so. Because western ideas of Africa are so entrenched, (Product)RED can focus our attention on its products and create an impetus to buy them, rather than specifics about AIDS or Africa. Performing a content analysis of the (Product)RED website and its MySpace comments, I analyze how it constructs the problem and solution, and how the (Product)RED message is interpreted by some consumers.

Citation Details
Title: Shoppers of the world unite: (RED)’s messaging and morality in the fight against African AIDS.(Viewpoint essay)
Author: Norma Anderson
Publication: Journal of Pan African Studies (Magazine/Journal)
Date: September 1, 2008
Publisher: Journal of Pan African Studies
Volume: 2 Issue: 6 Page: 32(23)

Article Type: Viewpoint essay

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