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Couponing for Fun and Profit

Couponing used to have the stigma of being associated with poor people or with old people. These days, people of all ages and income levels are switched on to savings that can be had through couponing. The stigma is gone – replaced with enthusiastic use of coupons from familiar places like Sunday newspapers and new sources like mobile coupons.

Coupons are not just for groceries anymore. Manufacturers offer coupons for pricey electronics and travel-related services like airlines. Some hotels offer coupons for flights and accommodation. That great restaurant you love so much? Likely to offer coupons too.

Whether you’re a novice at couponing or consider yourself an expert, this book offers tips and insights on how to get the most from couponing. You’ll learn where to find coupons – including places you might not have considered looking before. You’ll discover how and where to touch base with fellow couponers. Extreme couponers will learn how to deal with the bargains they snag and how to deal with pushback from merchants. Finally, you’ll receive tips on how to avoid scams, preserve your privacy and stay safe while enjoying your couponing.


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