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Magic of Vedic Math

  • Is your child having difficulty with basic math and always depends on a calculator/computer?
  • Can you multiply 78 by 98 in less than 5 seconds?
  • Are you confident of your math skills to take & excel in a timed examination (GRE, GMAT etc)?
  • Do you feel that of late you memory has been slipping and can use a boost?
  • “Magic of Vedic Math” is a self-paced multimedia math learning/teaching kit apt for children between 6 – 14 yrs of age, and a fun skill to learn and use for adults too!

Vedic Math, is a kit that provides tricks to solve any kind of mathematical problems very easily within a short period of time without using calculator. Mr. Dhaval Bhatia the author of this product has demonstrated step by step how to solve different type of mathematical problems in a very easy method. Many tips are given like how to improve memory power, how to build confidence level, etc. You get 100 puzzles which improves your intellectual capacity. It contains all the problem related to Math’s i.e. the basics like addition, subtractions, multiplication and equations etc. It contains magic squares, 100 year calendar etc. CONTENTS: 1. 2 DVD 2. 2 Books. • Math’s Made Easy. • Suduko Puzzle Book. • GEOMETRY CHART SEGMENT 1 1.Table of 9 2.Squaring nos. ending with 5 3.Multiply nos. with Series of 1 4.Multiplication with Series of 9 5.Multiplication with any nos. 6.Subtraction 7.Mental Calculation SEGMENT 2 8.Criss Cross Multiplication 9.Base Method 10.Cube Root 11.Square Root 12.Squaring Numbers 13.Algebra SEGMENT 3 14.Pythagoras Theorem 15.Cubing Numbers 16.General Square Roots 17.Divisibility Test 18.Division SEGMENT 4 19.Memory Technique 20.Remembering Vocabulary 21.Remembering Terminology 22.Remembering Foreign Language Words 23.Remembering Geography data 24.Remembering History dates 25.Rhyming System 26.Chain System SEGMENT 5 27.Birthday Magic 28.Pocket Money Magic 29.Sibling Magic 30.Magic Total 31.Magic Squares 32.100 Years Calender 33.Digit Sum Method

List Price: $ 27.00


Angular 2 – From the basics to the online shop. A practical guide. Including Pizza.: Based on the first official Release

The first official release of Angular 2 has finally appeared and the stability of the API is guaranteed, so it’s time to take a look at the framework in more detail. Unlike with many manuals, in this book I don’t want to bother you with having to study hundreds of pages of theory before you finally get to programme a small specimen. I myself have never enjoyed learning this way. Therefore, this book takes a slightly different approach: we start programming straight away and then study the practical aspect. Sounds simple. It is. In the first three chapters we’ll start by installing a development environment and creating a structure for our project. During this I’ll tell you what to do and why, step by step. This lays the groundwork and meets all the conditions for programming. In the next chapter we begin, without further ado, to program the basis for a single-page application so we get something on-screen very quickly. In each chapter we then get a little deeper into the world of Angular 2, Typescript and PrimeNg, as I explain to you, alongside development and in short paragraphs, how and why what we are doing works. This is how, chapter by chapter, an e-shop that has all the basic functions such as product overview, a detailed product view, shopping cart, etc. gradually comes into being. In later chapters we look at additional topics such as authentication and restriction, error handling and deployment of the completed application on an Apache Tomcat web server. Every part of the source code that we write expands the project. A comprehensive example. Without exception. Promise! The book is accompanied by a ready-to-download server on the book’s website. The server’s source code is also included so that you can use it as a basis for experimentation. However, if you’d mainly like to focus on the Angular 2 framework and you’re not so interested in the server at that moment, an additional server is available for you to use on the Internet. So it’s not obligatory to install the server locally on your computer. By the time you reach the end of the book you’ll already have your first project experience with Angular 2 and with the knowledge that you’ve, almost incidentally, acquired during our project, you can then start your own project without any major problems. Who is this book aimed at? This book is not intended as a basic book on programming. You should have at least a little experience with an object-oriented programming language such as Java, C# or JavaScript. It is assumed that you know what a variable, attribute, method or class is. You should also know a little bit about HTML tags and some experience with Cascading Style Sheets is definitely not a disadvantage. If these terms don’t yet mean anything to you in relation to programming, then I definitely recommend that you read a basic book on programming before reading this one.

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Fawziya Bird Purses And Handbags For Women Bags Online Shopping Fashion -Gray

  • Diamonds:Fawziya use domestic grade A diamonds,12 cutting surface,a long-lasting gloss retention,one of leader in high class diamonds.
  • Hardware:Fawziya using K Gold plating process,each hardware is carefully selected,no scratches,no rust on the surface.
  • Fabrics:Fawziya use silk and satin,these materials are light,soft,colorful,shiny,noble and elegant.
  • The approximate size is 18(L)x5(W)x10.5(H)cm,Chain: 40cm short chain and 120 cm long chain removable.
  • Ideal for holding essentials like keys,mirror for touch-ups, lipstick and an iphone 6s plus.

Fawziya® is mainly engaged in production and sales of costumes, accessories, handbags, shoes and home furnishing. The products are exported to more than 60 countries such as USA, UK, Germany,France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, India,Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. They receive good comments fromglobal markets.

Fawziya® is a brand of Shenzhen Fawzia Industrial Co., Ltd. The positioning of its products is a medium and high-gradefashion brand for white-collar staff aged 21 to 39.

Fawziya originates from Arabic which meanssuccess. In Chinese and English, comma is used to replace “dot”,meaning that Fawziya&regbrand takes the lead in fashion trend and keeps advancingby creating a high-quality life…
Faw is the vulgar form of another Chinesecharacter.
Zi indicates slender and graceful pose evenwithout any wind.
Ya means elegance.

Itrepresents an attitude of successful people, a comprehension and a practice.

Legal Statement:

1)We own the trademark consisting of thestylized word “Fawziya&reg” in class 18 registeABGold in the United States of America.

2)According to relevant United Statefederal and state laws prohibiting trademark infringement and counterfeiting,If you unauthorized use of our registeABGold trademark “Fawziya&reg” has constitutedtrademark infringement and shall be subject to civil legal responsibilities.

3)Copyright© 2016 by FAWZIYA INC. All rightsreserved. No part of the description above may be reproduced, distributed, ortransmitted in any form or by any means, including relisting to Amazon or anyonline marketplace, photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanicalmethods, without the prior written permission of Fawziya Industrial Co., Ltd.For permission requests, write to the seller ID below: Amazon Seller ID: FAWZIYA INC

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask

  • Movie-like appearance
  • Open mouth slightly to hear Chewbacca roar
  • Open it wider, and the roar gets louder
  • Use straps to adjust fit
  • Includes mask and instructions.

Strike fear into the heart of scum and villainy across the galaxy with the first-ever Chewbacca Electronic Mask. This cool electronic mask transforms you into everyone’s favorite wookiee. Move your mouth while wearing it to activate a variety of authentic wookiee growls and howls to scare off every Stormtrooper in sight! Open your mouth slightly for a light roar, then open it wider to make your wookiee roar even louder. Requires two AAA batteries, included. Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

List Price: $ 31.99


Serene Men’s British Durable Leather Breathable Casual Lace Up Fashion Sneaker (11.5 D(M)US, brown)

  • Imported, we have expedited service, if necessary, please contact us
  • Breathable
  • Comfort leather lining
  • Slip-resistant and shock-absorption
  • They suit for different clothes and occasions.

The shoes are made of high quality material.It is very popular all over the world and selling well in many countries.Select the color to match your personal style and outfits. If you have any question,please feel free to contact us.

List Price: $ 66.84


Inventions and Gadgets

  • The My Cool Inventions Channel features a new inventor everyday and America gets to vote on their success!
  • My Cool Gadgets Channel featuring The Daily Gadget you’ll find cool inventions and gadgets that are available for sale!
  • America’s Value Network the TV Shopping Outlet features great brands at half price or less!

List Price: $ 0.00


Happy Blocks Soccer Ball – Black

  • This colorful Gear Building Toy Set includes Motorized Spinning Gears
  • Plays music and lights up
  • Comes with 81 pieces
  • Will keep your tiny builders engaged for hours!
  • A great Christmas present!

This colorful Gear Building Toy Set includes Motorized Spinning Gears , plays music and lights up! This 81 Piece Playground Edition is a Creative Toy that will keep your tiny builders engaged for hours.

Connect Gears and Bridges to build incredible structures. Once you’re done building, connect the Magic Gear and spin away! Requires 3 AA Batteries. Batteries not included

List Price: $ 23.99


Salar M19 Wired Stereo Triangle Bracket Microphone For Computer Laptop.

  • Salar M19 Wired Stereo Triangle Bracket Microphone For Computer Laptop

Use:Computer Microphone
3.5mm audio plug
Frequency response:50-12.5khz
Operation voltage:1.0 V-10V
Triangle bracket design
Free to adjust the base
Long bran quality tensile wire
Built-in high effective filter sponge

Package included:
1 x microphone

List Price: $ 26.96


evga 512 P3 N725 LR

  • Please ensure that your original part number matches this exactly, or check with the manufactuer for compatiblity. Customers are responsible for compatiblity.
  • This part is guaranteed to be fully functional, original and authentic.
  • Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS driver, problems, graphics card, dual monitor …
  • MSI Geforce 6200TC NX6200TC-TD64ESLF
  • 512 P3 N725 LR

100% Genuine- Computer/Laptop Replacement or Internal parts
Part Number: 512 P3 N725 LR
PCI Express 2.0 x16

Core Clock
567 MHz

Shader Clock
1400 MHz

CUDA Cores


Effective Memory Clock
532 MHz (effective)

Memory Size

Memory Interface

Memory Type


DirectX 10


1 x D-SUB

1 x DVI



Max Resolution
2048×1536 Max Analog
1920×1200 Max Digital

SLI Support


Dual-Link DVI Supported

HDCP Ready

Form Factor & Dimensions

Card Dimensions (L x H)
Height: 4.376″
Length: 6.625″
Picture may not match actual product. Please ensure that your original part number matches this exactly, or check with the manufactuer for compatiblity. Customers are responsible for compatiblity.

List Price: $ 277.87


The Cheapskate’s Guide To Shopping – How To Get The Best For Much Less! (Cheapskate’s Guide Series Book 2)

“The Cheapskate’s Guide To Shopping – How To Get The Best For Much Less!” is for anyone who wants to save money when shopping, yet still enjoy the best in life without having to compromise on quality to get the required quantity.

With so many buying options available to you it is easy to end up spending far more money than you expect, yet with discount shopping you can save money whilst still buying what you want. This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to saving money without having to go without.

As you read this book you will get practical tips and advice showing you exactly how you can get the best deals and save money when shopping. With so many families facing a squeeze financially, these strategies can make a big difference in stretching your finances whilst providing for your loved ones.

In “The Cheapskate’s Guide To Shopping – How To Get The Best For Much Less!” you will discover:

– Coupons – a superb way to save money and one that can be incredibly effective if you know what you are doing so find out about the different types of coupon and when to use each type

– Buying in Bulk – a time honored method of saving money so you will learn about the options available to you and how this can make a huge difference to your budget

– Buying Online – learn why buying online and waiting a few days for delivery can save you a lot of money

– Buying from Overseas – another great way to save money if you are willing to wait for delivery, which can save you a significant amount of money on almost any item, particularly some of the more expensive products

– Store Cards and Applications – find out more about store cards and why they can be a great way for you to save money when they are used correctly!

– Buying Seasonally – products that are in season, including clothing and electronics, are always much cheaper at the end of that season, you can buy the products for less and stock up for next year

– Re-Sales Shopping – discover more about this shopping option where you can buy items at a discount including clothing, food, appliances and more, which means you can buy what you want at less than full retail price

– Interacting Directly With Companies – find out how contacting companies that you buy products from directly can end up giving you some much needed savings!

With so many families under financial pressure, saving money when you are shopping can make a big difference between getting the products you need and going without. With this book you will learn some great strategies for saving money on your shopping, which will be a huge benefit to your family.

Enjoy learning how to get the best for your money as “The Cheapskate’s Guide To Shopping – How To Get The Best For Much Less!” shows you how to make your money work for you. Discover today how get some great bargains, stretching your money further!


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