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Ideas to Save on Health & Beauty Services and Products

Cosmetology & Beauty schools can save you about 50% for a hair cut, dye or perm. Professional instructors supervise students in hairstyling, nails, make-up & cosmetology classes.

Take advantage of Health & Beauty product Rebate and Refunds; save any required receipts or UPC codes needed for the rebate/refund. These savings can add up over a year.

Look for ‘freebies’ and samples available to you in magazines, and store bulletin boards. Always ask for sample products of perfume, cosmetics and skin care products at pricey department store beauty counters.

Most Dentists will arm you with loads of free samples of toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste. Look at local dental schools if you are planning some expensive dental work or orthodontics; the savings can add up to almost 50% of the normal fees.

Be sure to ask your Primary Care physician for free samples of your prescription medications; they usually have several on hand from pharmaceutical companies.

Score samples of vitamins, facial cleansers, deodorants, hair products and more at in-store vendor display booths. Many more offers of free samples are to be found in magazines or check out web sites like

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