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Maximize the savings at your local Grocery Store

Join frequent shopper reward programs. This is typically free and the rewards are paid out in the form of ‘store’ product coupons and ‘store’ cash discounts off a future store visit. Additional savings for participating in the store program are deducted immediately at the cash register on various items throughout the store, changing on a weekly basis.

Try switching to Store Brands whenever possible. Most store brands are the same as name brands, just marketed under the store’s ‘Private Label’, with the same quality and ingredients. Compare national name brands to the store brand, give them a try to see if you like them, then make the switch to save without sacrificing on quality.

Find and Use Coupons. The Sunday newspapers, magazines and online coupon web sites are all great resources for obtaining coupons that are printed or you can print yourself.

Budget by making a List. Stick to your list and only visit the store aisles containing items on your list. This will help you stay within your budget.

Be aware of store marketing and avoid ‘impulse’ buy traps. Stores commonly put higher-priced products at eye-level, end caps (end of aisles) and areas you are forced to walk past to get to the ‘staple’ items, such as milk and vegetables.

Author: Savvy Shopping News

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