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Can getting organized save you money?

It’s that time of year – Spring Cleaning. De-clutter and uncover your old, unused items, then turn those items into Cash or exchange them for items you need.

Getting organized can really payoff. Getting organized will save you from purchasing items you already own, but cannot find. Moving? Identifying your old, unused items and selling them on eBay, through the classifieds or at Garage Sales, will not only put cash in your pocket, but will mean a lot less moving boxes you need to buy and a lot less you have to pack and move.

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Unused Clothes – You can list used upscale name brand clothes for sale or auction on or for a fee, take them to a consignment store and let them sell your clothes for a percentage of the sale – all will these seller avenues will put cash in your pocket. Try some online listing sites that do not charge a fee. You can donate your unwanted clothes to a local charity and recognize tax savings next year.

Books, CDs & DVDs – Use to find who will buy back your book for the highest price. Want to keep your books in rotation? Check out and sister sites and, where you can list your media as available to mail to other members upon request, earning credits you can use toward requesting media that other members have listed.
Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

Trade in Electronics Radio Shack will exchange your old electronics for other electronics or a gift card. Best Buy offers a buyback program in the form of a gift card if you purchased the items from them.

Save 10% on all orders at when you use code AG042811, now through May 31st

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Great Deals at Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are popular discount retailers when the economy gets tough. Here are some examples of products that prove to be the best deal at dollar stores:

  • Cleaning Products. Detergents, window cleaners, furniture polish, and other common household cleaning products are often less than other stores.
  • Plastic Storage Bins. Expect to find a selection of small, plastic garbage pails and stackable plastic storage bins. Great value at only One Dollar!
  • Basic Tools. For common, basic tools, the Dollar store is much cheaper than purchasing from a hardware store.
  • Kitchen Accessories. You can find a wide range of reasonably well-made kitchen accessories for a lot less than other stores, such as scrapers, dish racks, spatulas, and soap holders.
  • Glasses and Dishes. Instead of having to purchase full sets of glassware, dishes and place settings, at the Dollar Store you can purchase/replace only what you need.
  • Author: Savvy Shopping News

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