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Slash Pet Care Costs in half!

Save on Pet Care the same way you save on your own personal care. Here are a few pointers you use in your own everyday cost cutting that you can apply to saving on your pet’s care.

  • Save on Veterinarian Costs. Does your pet require medications? If so, ask your veterinarian to prescribe the generic equivalent, instead of the name brand medication. With the costs of medicines escalating, you can save money on your pet’s medications with generics, just as you do for yourself and your family.

    Most veterinarians will use a combination of medications for treating your pets, with Generics available for many medications to save you money without compromising your pet’s health.
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    Many veterinarians offer their own discounts. Be sure and ask what they offer, such as discounts for Senior citizens, multiple pet treatment, or discounts for law enforcement or military personnel.

  • Pet Grooming. Check with your Pet groomer or Pet salon to see if they offer discounts on specific day or during specif hours.
  • Pet Food. Purchase your Pet’s Food in bulk, the same way you shop for your own groceries. Buying by the case or large bag of food will generally net you a 10%-30% discount overall.
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Keep your Pets Happy and Healthy

If you are like most of us, you want to provide your pet with everything they need to keep them healthy and happy. Your pets all need and deserve to live active and healthy lives. Savvy Shopping News wants you to be able to provide for and pamper your pets without hurting your budget. has everything pet owners need to sustain a beneficial habitat, environment and lifestyle for all their pets. From aquarium supplies and reptile habitats to cat toys and dog chews, name-brand Puppy Pads, health supplements, an array of eco-friendly products, along with great furniture, bedding options, and grooming essentials, you can make it a one stop shop without breaking the bank!

This is our favorite part! ** is also on a mission to support rescue operations and promote rescue pet adoption, so every time a customer chooses to save money on pet supplies, they’ll also save pets. Pet Supplies at Discount Prices and Support Rescue Operations! Click here!

Sale on FRONTLINE Plus – this provides your dog with the most complete spot-on flea and tick protection available, by using a special ingredient that keeps all stages of fleas from developing.

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Author: Savvy Shopping News

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