Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1)

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

From the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Addison Moore

The Celestra Series has been optioned for film by 20th CENTURY FOX

Praise for Ethereal…

Most addictive book for me since Sookie! – Amazon Review

Best Kindle read of the year – MissT

Ethereal is a must read – Amelia Sweet

the book is written beautifully and the plot unfolds delicately. It’s a great story and I found the characters to be well thought through and impassioned. – Amazon Review

It’s one of the best stories I’ve read recently and I would place it on the bestseller shelf with out hesitation. – Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Blog

Wow oh wow is this book amazing! It has been a while since I read a book I absolutely couldn’t put it down. – Book Escapes

I LOVED this book… I cannot wait to see what happens with the characters. I recommend this book to anyone who is tired of the same old paranormal romance book. This book has it all.
–Love thy teen author Blog

Definite must read, and another new series I cant wait to read more of.
– YA lit lovers

Ethereal is a very well written story that captured our attention very early on and kept us quickly thumbing through the pages up until the very end. Addison Moore has the ability to create this complex, amazing backdrop in her stories that deposits a reader right into her fantasy world using just minimal, yet extremely descriptive words. – The Book Hookup

Solid Success for Ethereal – Kids Ebook Bestsellers

Sixteen year-old, Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking.

When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island, to a house that is rumored to be haunted, Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver, a boy who shares her unique ability to read minds.

Skyla discovers Logan holds the answers to the questions she’s been looking for, but Logan’s reluctance to give her the knowledge she desires leaves her believing Logan has a few secrets of his own.

Skyla’s bloodlines may just be connected to the most powerful angelic beings that roam the earth, and the more she knows, the more danger she seems to be in.

Suddenly an entire faction of earthbound angels wants her dead, at least she still has Logan, or does she?

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3 Responses to “Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1)”

  • M says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Really, Really, Awful, January 3, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

    I cannot put into words how ridiculously awful this book is. I really, really wanted to like this series, and I tried to, but getting through Ethereal was exceedingly difficult.
    Let me say though, that generally I have high standards for books. I’m a teenager, but I don’t frequent the YA section of the library to often anymore. I adore the classics and will read anything that’s gotten some kind of prestigious award, because they’re solid indicators of good literature. I do read YA, though. I read and reread and loved the Hunger Games, and I read the Mortal Instruments and their companion series and enjoyed them both. I read Hush, Hush and liked it. And around this time last year, I decided to try Amanda Hocking, because ‘My Blood Approves’ was only a dollar and was pleasantly surprised. I loved her characters, I loved the plots, and when Ethereal showed up in my recommended books, (which was a surprise in itself, but I assume this is because of all the Amanda Hocking I bought) I tried a sample.
    It was awful. The first three sentences were promising, maybe, the first chapter was okay, but it just went downhill after that. So I decided not to bother. But yesterday I found myself in need of a quick, cheap read, and decided to give Ethereal another try, it couldn’t hurt. It looked like the reviews were mostly positive, so I bought it. About 50 pages into the book I went back to check the reviews, because I just couldn’t imagine how anyone could praise such an awful example of literature. I assume, like some other reviewer, that these were maybe written by Addison Moore and her family, because in general they’re pretty short, and full of things like ‘Skyla is such a witty, clever heroin’. I laughed when I read that.
    It’s really, really awful, but probably the biggest factor for making it so is the really, really bad characters. They’re pretty awful. And their inconsistent. I find myself scratching my head, wondering, ‘Wait…SKYLA said that? That doesn’t sound right!’. It sounds as if the author didn’t know her characters at all, and yet expected this to be all right with the readers. They are all so selfish, and one dimensional. Skyla is rude to her family, rude to most of the other ensemble whenever it pleases her. She’s only ‘into’ Logan because she finds him incredibly attractive, proving her shallowness. The same can be said for Logan, though. She gives him absolutely no reason other than being pretty to like her. Gage, I can kind of put my head around, with his visions of the future, and all. Skyla’s so rude and tactless with him I don’t understand why he’d still ‘love’ her. I guess he’s shallow too. I’m really not sure what Bree and Drake were supposed to be. Drake, Skyla’s punchbag, maybe, and Bree probably just existed to make Skyla look like less of a slut. The characters were all awful. I can’t think of a single character with a single redeeming quality.
    The characters weren’t all that made the story terrible. It was the writing. It sounds as if a 13 year old girl wrote this. Somebody compared it to ‘really bad fanfiction’, which I agree with completely. Moore has a story that has potential to be good, but she expects it to write itself. There are times when I wonder if paragraphs have been chopped out, because of the weird lack of development. And the story is hard to follow, and definitely not in a ‘this is so deep, I feel like a lot of this is being lost on me’. No, it’s more like ‘where is Skyla? She’s with Gage and Logan? Why? I thought she was at her party? No? When did she leave it?’ A lot of this is because the author is really, really bad at describing setting, which, until now, I hadn’t actually thought was an important factor in storytelling. Boy, was I wrong.
    I could go on and on about how terrible this book is. How unrealistic the reactions of the characters are, and Skyla’s mood swings, but I really don’t want to waste more time on this.
    If you are a fan of cheap, poorly written fan-fiction-like stories based on poor characters then please, waste a buck, but if you want to get Ethereal because you are looking for a love triangle or a book about angels, look somewhere else. This isn’t a love story, this is a ‘I’m going to make out with whoever is hotter, and not really care about their feelings’ story. This is barely about angels. 90% of it is, ‘Oh, god, Logan’s so hot!’ and ‘I hate my mom! I’m going to be a terrible daughter to make her hate me more!’. Don’t waste the half-hour it will take you to read this, please. There are other, more worthwhile reads.

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  • Kala says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Reads like bad fanfiction…, September 29, 2011
    Kala (Ft Lauderdale, FL United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

    I am glad I only paid 99 cents for this book because it’s barely worth that. I’m the type of person to dig into a book and no stop reading until it’s done. I read 400 page books in a matter of hours, but this book took me four days to get through. The characters are really 2-dimensional and undeveloped. The main character is unlikeable and boring. The book has extremely short, choppy chapters which remind me of really bad fanfiction. The plot jumps around so quickly I often lost focus and had to backtrack and figure out what was going on.

    *** spoilers below ***

    The book starts off with the main character, Skyla, moving to Paragon Island. Skyla describes herself as perfect with wavy blonde (NEVER FRIZZY!!) hair and perfect crystal blue eyes. She moves into a house where a girl who was murdered lived. The dead girl’s best friend immediately runs over and becomes best friends with Skyla for some unknown reason. She also gets Skyla an instant spot on the cheerleading squad and instant invites to all parties (and there are a lot.. this girl parties like a college kid). The new best friend also immediately starts dating Skyla’s nose-picking, flatulent, disgusting brother as well. Right away, Skyla meets the dead girl’s boyfriend, Logan, and his cousin Gage. The two boys are described as the most perfect good looking boys in the world and both immediately fall in love with her and start fighting over her. There is absolutely no development of a relationship, Skyla and Logan just immediately are in love and start making out all the time. This author definitely wastes no time on buildup for that first kiss, they’re making out on a pool table within pages of meeting.

    I kind of liked the whole Skyla and Logan can both read each other’s minds thing, but it’s very poorly done. They only read each other’s minds when it’s convenient and their mind reading is just an unspoken conversation. There was so much potential here for all sorts of awkwardness and awesomeness that just never happened. The mind reading is nothing more than a rarely used gimmick that only comes up when the author wants the two characters to speak to each other privately.

    Logan knows that they’re all angels/angel offspring/whatever, but decides that Skyla doesn’t need to know this until he’s ready to tell her, despite the fact that there are tons of monsters and bad people out to kill her. The holding out seems like a poor attempt to draw things out and create suspense where there is none. So they make out a lot, never develop a real relationship, and eventually he spills the beans in a convoluted tale that never amounts to anything. These big bad guys chasing them only appear a few times during the story. The rest of the time, Skyla is partying and whining about Logan (who is off making out with some other chick to get his dead ex-girlfriend’s diary). Oh, and making out with Gage because apparently it’s okay for Skyla to make out with her boyfriend’s cousin.

    Time travel. It’s another power these angelspawn have that is used randomly as a plot device. Skyla randomly decides to time travel in order to pick a fight with the dead ex-girlfriend because she’s jealous. She has no concern or care for the fact that the dead ex-girlfriend was tortured and murdered and left in a ditch. That doesn’t matter. All that matters is her jealousy over Logan having a previous relationship with this girl.

    I could go on and on, but it’s pointless. I don’t recommend this book. There are so many other great paranormal/scifi young adult books out there (Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices, Hunger Games, etc) – don’t bother with this one!!

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  • Onmykindle "With the vampies, of course" says:
    301 of 341 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Seriously?, July 29, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

    I bought this book based on the slew of 5 star reviews left for it. After reading the Etheral, I’m left wondering how that’s possible (though I have a theory.)

    One review said the book read like fanfiction and, having written and edited in that world for ten years, I’d like to qualify it with “it reads like *bad* fanfiction.” I’ve read some incredible fanworks over the years and this doesn’t come close to that level of quality.

    There’s no cohesion in the plot, no follow through on plot devices use (Skyla finds out her mother’s an angel, yet there’s no confrontation?), other story elements are so contrived as to be almost comical – insta-lust to Logan, falling literally into Chloe’s life – her room, her boyfriend, her cheerleading squad – and no one finds this strange. Skyla routinely “forgets” that Logan can read her thoughts? Doubtful, since she’s had that ability her whole life.

    The names. Skyla. Darla.

    The story jumps around, the pacing is shoddy and there’s no real sense of beginning, middle, and end.

    Skyla herself is vapid and shallow, almost totally unlikeable. Logan is a complete dog – making out in front of Skyla to “get Chloe’s diary” when, I’m assuming, Gage could teleport into Michelle’s room if he wanted to and get it for Logan?

    To this point, Gage is the only redeeming character and probably the only reason I’ve given the book 2 stars and not one.

    We won’t even get into the spelling and grammar errors throughout. That would take several more pages.

    I’m intrigued enough to see if she grows as an author through the next books (at .$99 I’ll take the risk.)

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