Gribbler’s Quest

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  • Tim Coogan "CN fan" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Tunes Gone Wild, December 8, 2011
    Tim Coogan “CN fan” (Millville, NJ) –

    Bugs Bunny and his buddies are back for more in the “Season 1, Volume 2″ DVD. There are 4 episodes packed with hilarity and some familiar faces such as:

    “Monster Talent” – Daffy Duck teaches young Gossamer how to fit in better by entering the monster in the school talent show. Elsewhere, after appearing in Speedy Gonzales’ Pizzarriba commercial, the fame suddenly goes to Bugs’ head.
    First appearance: Gossamer, Witch Lezah a.k.a. “The Witch” (OK, first of all, what kind of magic spell did Witch Hazel use to switch her name backwards and make her sound like Bubbie from “Flapjack” ? Second of all, does her “son” Gossamer sound suspiciously – albeit exactly – like Darwin ? You know, Gumball’s brother, the walking fish ?)

    “Reunion” – Bugs and Daffy are invited to their high school reunion. But when Daffy stretches the truth to his high school friends, his bragging gets a little out of hand.
    First appearance: Pete Puma, Marvin Martian (despite the fact that he was in a “Merrie Melodies” music video in the previous volume)

    “Casa de Calma” – Bugs and Daffy spend a weekend at a luxurious hotel and spa, where they try to win the attention of the sexy Starlett Johannsen. (MAJOR EYE CANDY ALERT !!!)

    “Devil Dog” – A Tasmanian Devil runs loose and winds up on Bugs’ doorstep. The optimistic rabbit takes Taz in as his new pet, but Daffy disapproves on account of the vicious nature of the beast.
    First appearance: Taz, Tweety, Sylvester, Granny (Granny did, however, make a brief cameo in “Monster Talent”, but it’s nice to hear voice actress June Foray reprise one of her best roles.)

    And let’s not forget the “Merrie Melodies” music videos like “Cock of the Walk” with Foghorn Leghorn and “Queso Bandito” starring Speedy Gonzales, and all four of the episodes have a “Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote” short such as “Fee Fi Fo Dumb” where the coyote uses “Giant Spray” to catch Road Runner and “Unsafe at Any Speed” where Wile E. utilizes a high-speed vehicle that goes way too faster than he thought. Like I said, they do make up for the lack of any bonus features, if they’d have any.

    Not much else to say here, but look for “Season 1, Volume 3″ in March, plus more new episodes will air on Cartoon Network !


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  • Christopher Sanders says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Season Sets Needed, December 27, 2011
    Christopher Sanders (Chicago, IL) –

    This show is awesome, well written and fun but this DVD release is pathetic. We live in the age of bluray where you can fir entire seasons on ONE disc. There’s no excuse for cartoon network to keep releasing these stupid volume sets with 4-5 episodes on one disc. Give us the whole season. I would gladly pay for an entire season of this series but this volume mess is a rip off.

    People do one of four things with these volume sets, they buy them out of desperation, they wait until the season set comes out, they start pirating the episodes or (and this most likely on ebay and amazon) they wait until the discs are no longer in high demand and buy them very cheap on the used market which results in no sales for the DVD producer…which decreases the chances of the rest of the volumes or the season set being made.



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