Question by Antsyfanny: How do I stop compulsive shopping?
I have all that I need and then some. I despise materialism. Trouble is, I love the hunt. I love finding a good bargain. Shopping, “real” or online, makes me feel good. I enjoy shopping for others as well, like when they need something specific and don’t have time to hunt it down. I am spending more than I should, even though I don’t buy really expensive stuff, and it’s usually a really good deal. I have hobbies and interests, but shopping is still a problem for me. My mom is this way, too, so I guess I saw this growing up. Help!

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Answer by Jim
If you bring something home take something to the donation center or you will become a pack rat.

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  • enn says:

    Become a personal shopper!
    Find out from your local department stores (Like Nordstrom’s, for example, used to have personal shoppers do the shopping for exclusive clients) how to become a personal shopper or even a buyer for the store. You might consider becoming a personal assistant to a famous person and doing all their shopping for them. Then focus on spending their money and not your own.
    Get a log and receipt book and learn to keep careful records, keep the receipts, and start tallying up how much you spend each shopping trip. Then do this for yourself. The numbers may stagger you so much, you might realize how much you spent on things you didn’t need. Then come up with a goal for saving, such as traveling the world, and then put your shopping money into an account to pay for the trip. When you replace your obsession with something else, change will come. But if you love it so much, switch careers and get paid to shop.

  • ANTI-CHRIST says:

    resist just one impulse and don’t go shopping. start saving what you would have probably spent in a bank account. at the end of the month, look at your savings and be proud of yourself. if you continue to do that you’ll probably start hoarding your money in a savings account because that will feel really good to have that nest egg.

  • Ken says:

    Compulsive behavior like excisive shopping is usually a symptom of a bigger issue you may have and not really be dealing with! Find someone you feel confortable to talk to and who you can share your problems and feelings with.

  • utopian_bambi says:

    stay away from the shops. Stay out of online shops too. freeze your credit card so you cant take it with you.

    Ask yourself. Do I need this or do I just want it?

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