Question by richard: how much should i pay for a blue ray player?
where can i get the best deal on a blue ray and how much should i spend on it. i don’t need the “top of the line” but i don’t wanna get one at k-mart. unless you guys have any good things to say about their electronics. i have a 2000 dollar 50″ panasonic viera and i need a blue ray desperately.

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Answer by LOL

tiger direct

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  • Peter D says:

    Set a price and stick to it. I already have one, but if I were buying a Blu-ray player now I wouldn’t spend more than $ 250. For you that amount may be more or less, depending on what you can afford and how bad you want a Blu-ray player.

    If I were you I would buy the Panasonic DMP-BD35. It’s cnet’s #1 stand-alone Blu-ray player. Costco has it for $ 280-$ 50 coupon=$ 230 today through the 25th. To get the best player for under $ 250 is a pretty good deal–and it comes with an HDMI cable.

    The Sony BDP-S350 is good, but it doesn’t decode DTS-HD MA. This won’t matter unless you have a surround sound system (which you should given the amount you’ve put into the TV) that doesn’t decode HD audio formats.

  • Theaterhelp says:

    The Sony is very good. It is profile 2.0 for automatic updatability and internet extras via network. It is on sale here for 269.99.

  • Joe C says:

    400$ for a ps3. It plays Blu-ray, Its sony, It plays games, It has constant system updates, and you can get on the internet. It makes the most sense to pay 50$ more and get all these features.

  • The Eagle Keeper says:

    A Sony BDP-S350 is a popular model & can be found at or Best Buy. It’s just under $ 300. It’s up to date & very nice. I have one & I’ve had no problems with it.

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