Marketing Your Business with Deal Sites

Marketing Your Business with Deal Sites

Have you considered using one of the many emerging “Daily Deal” sites to market your small business? Are you confused as to how these sites work, what you stand to gain from becoming involved with them, and whether they present a viable marketing opportunity for your business? Are you tired of all the hearsay, assumptions, generalizations, and unfounded rumors that are being circulated by business owners who have never actually used these marketing techniques? Have you been scared by “horror stories” from business owners who have used these marketing platforms unsuccessfully?

If so, then this ebook is for you. “Marketing Your Business with Deal Sites” will help you make the decision as to whether or not to pursue these types of marketing platforms and give you great tips and advice that will help you optimize your experience; maximize the positive impact that these marketing techniques can have on your business; and avoid the potential pitfalls that these platforms can present.

These performance marketing platforms are not appropriate for every business, but they can work exceptionally well if merchants optimize the opportunity that they present.

This eBook Addresses a Host of Key Concerns, Including:

•• The Nuts & Bolt of How these Types of Market Platforms Work
•• How to Choose the Social Buying Site that will Best Suit Your Needs
•• How to Approach these Sites and Initiate a Partnership with Them
•• How to Determine the Number of Vouchers You Should Offer
•• What Percentage of the Voucher Sales Revenue the Site is Likely to Expect
•• How to Structure a Deal that will Provide the Maximum Benefit for Your Business
•• How to Prepare for the Onslaught of Clients that You’re Likely to See
•• How to Use this Opportunity to Grow Your Business, Not Just Your Bank Account
•• The Right and Wrong Reasons to Partner with a Deal Sites
•• How to Turn The People who Buy Your Discounted Vouchers into Loyal, Long-Term Clients
•• How and Why This Type of Performance Marketing Differs from Traditional Marketing
•• How to Avoid the Potential Pitfalls Associated with Using Such Sites
•• How to Implement this Type of Marketing Method WITHOUT Having to Share the Proceeds with a Deal Site
•• How to Avoid Creating a “Coupon Culture” by Abusing the Use of Deal Sites

If you’re considering jumping onto the “daily deal” bandwagon, purchasing this e-book will help ensure that you’re making a well informed decision. And if you decide that partnering with a daily site is, in fact, right for you, then this piece will assist you in making the experience the best it can be.


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