Mitutoyo 500-196-20 ABSOLUTE Digital Caliper, LCD, Battery Powered, 0-6″/0-150mm Range, +/-0.001″ Accuracy, 0.0005″/0.01mm Resolution

  • Lightweight, hardened stainless steel construction, for protection of caliper and ABSOLUTE linear encoder technology components
  • Four-way measurement capability, for multiple applications: outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID), depth, and step
  • Large, digital, single-value readout LCD display, for readability
  • Position memory, for retaining measurements
  • Function control buttons on the face, for ease of use: Inch/Metric, Origin, On/Off, and Zero/ABS (Absolute Scale)

The Mitutoyo 500-196-20 ABSOLUTE 500 series digital caliper is one of Mitutoyo’s original MyCal Ez Digimatic digital calipers. It gives an absolute reading from zero rather than the last at-rest position. It is made of durable hardened stainless steel to shield its components and for use anywhere in the workshop. It uses Mitutoyo’s ABSOLUTE linear encoder technology, which allows you to “set and forget” the origin and measure in awkward or difficult locations.

This digital caliper has .295-inch/7.5-mm LCD characters and easy-to-reach function control buttons, such as Inch/Metric to convert measurements, Origin to set and retain the original measuring point, On/Off to automatically shut off the caliper after 30 minutes, and Zero/ABS (Absolute Scale) to zero-set the LCD display.

Although identical to dial and vernier calipers in its ability to make precise measurements, the digital caliper also has the LCD, which clearly shows values and increases reading reliability over the other types. The 500-196-20’s LCD also reflects all ABSOLUTE system activities. The Absolute Scale (ABS) function tracks the origin point you set—even after shutoff. With the caliper on again, you can immediately start measuring, without zero resetting or worrying about overspeed errors. You can “zero out” the LCD before making and comparing incremental measurements without having to subtract the first measurement from the second.

The 500-196-20 has the ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance linear encoder. It weighs approximately 1 lb (453 g) and has four-way measurement capability: outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID), depth, and step, where the butt end of the fixed jaw measures one end of a work piece before its upper/lower or inner/outer “steps” are measured. Jaw depth is 1.60”, Range is 0 to 6″/150 mm, LCD Resolution is .0005″/.01 mm, Repeatability is .0005″/.01 mm, and Accuracy is rated + or – .001″/.02 mm. Also included are origin-setting, zero-setting, inch-to-metric conversion, and on/off automatic shutoff function buttons. A Digital LCD Data Reading Hold function is available with the optional Data Hold Unit (959143), sold separately. An alarm alerts the user to low voltage and scale contamination and counting value composition errors. A rolling thumb wheel makes fine adjustments and a thumb screw locks the scale’s position. Response speed is unlimited. The caliper has no SPC (Statistical Process Control) output; it draws 1/4 the battery power when switched on and about 1/8 the battery power when switched off compared to other digital calipers. The SR44 silver oxide cell battery (938882) lasts for approximately 20,000 hours (3.5 years) of continual normal use and is recommended to maintain constant voltage levels.

A digital caliper is a measuring instrument commonly used for inspection in manufacturing. It has two pairs of jaws on one end attached to a long beam with a marked scale. It takes and displays measurements in both English and Metric units with high-resolution and gearless precision. It comes from the basic caliper, a device used to measure the distance between two opposing sides of an object. The digital caliper allows for the same sort of differential measurements as the dial caliper by zeroing the display at any point along the slide. However, its LCD has replaced the analog dial of the dial caliper with an electronic digital display of the measurement reading as an easily read single value. A digital caliper is commonly used in fields such as metalworking, mechanical engineering, machining, carpentry, and medicine.

Founded in Tokyo in 1934, Mitutoyo is a leader in the metrology field, producing high-quality measurement products, including mechanical, dimensional gauging products, focusing on micrometers, calipers, indicators, and other measurement tools, as well as output gauges, interfaces, data collectors, and analysis software. Mitutoyo formed Mitutoyo America Corporation in 1963, which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, with additional locations in the U.S. and Canada.

What’s in the Box?

  • One SR44 silver oxide cell battery
  • Plastic storage case

List Price: $ 151.00


2 Responses to “Mitutoyo 500-196-20 ABSOLUTE Digital Caliper, LCD, Battery Powered, 0-6″/0-150mm Range, +/-0.001″ Accuracy, 0.0005″/0.01mm Resolution”

  • Marcin says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic Tool. Worth Every Penny, November 29, 2010
    Marcin (SF Bay Area, CA) –

    This review is from: Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digital Caliper, LCD, Battery Powered, Inch/Metric

    Another reviewer mentioned quality and battery usage on cheapo calipers. I spent $40 on the best caliper at my local hardware store. It was shiny and had a big display. All that was negated by it burning through one battery a month. Those LR44 button cells are expensive enough. If i had to buy a dozen of them every year, i’d pay for the Mitutoyo pretty quick.

    I’ve seen these calipers at every company i’ve worked for. They seem to be the most popular quality calipers. I got mine for around $90 as well and love them. Their battery is supposed to last around 4 years or so. I can live with that :)

    I know people are used to paying so little for a lot of electronics these days. If you actually NEED a digital caliper, get a good one. This one is excellent.

    October 2011 Update:

    My caliper still works great and still on the original battery. I was thrilled with it when new and even happier still nearly a year later. Can i give it six stars?

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  • Late Apex says:
    62 of 63 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    In terms of precision and quality, you get what you pay for, January 30, 2010
    Late Apex (VA USA) –

    This review is from: Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digital Caliper, LCD, Battery Powered, Inch/Metric

    These Mitutoyo calipers are much more expensive than the Chinese-made units that you can get in the $10-30 range. However, while the cheap Chinese calipers are probably plenty accurate for most home users, there is a reason for the price difference.

    I previously had a couple different Chinese-made calipers, which did have a solid feel and looked to be pretty well made. But they both exhibited a very fundamental problem – they did not always return to zero when the jaws were closed. For one thing, just closing them at a faster rate or with a little more force would usually result in a negative reading. But regardless of how they are zeroed (varying force and speed), they weren’t even consistent. I never felt confident that the measurements were reliable.

    Then I found the Mitutoyo 500-196-20 calipers on sale for $90, so I picked up a pair. Handling the calipers, I was surprised at how light they are. They are probably half the weight of either of the Chinese calipers I previously owned. I installed the included battery and set the origin, and immediately tested the accuracy when closing the jaws. It returned to zero every time, regardless of speed or force. Over the time I’ve owned them, with regular use and never having re-set the origin, I have yet to see any inaccuracy when closing them or repeating known measurements.

    I was very pleased with the obvious quality of these calipers, and then I randomly came across an interesting article comparing calipers in terms of power consumption and accuracy. I’m not allowed to post a URL here, but google “davehylands caliper battery” and it’s the first result. There is a good explanation of why you need to use high-quality SR44 silver-oxide batteries, and some experiments showing how the Mitutoyo calipers are superior to their cheaper competitors. Various metrology sites have further information comparing brands, and Mitutoyo are generally considered the best, while not always being the most expensive.

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