Ronco Showtime Giant Solid Flavor Injector

  • Inject food with whole cloves or other large fillings
  • Stuff sweets with creams or pieces of fruit
  • Fill roasts, chicken, turkey, lamb or pork with flavor

Ronco Showtime Giant Solid Flavor Injector

Inject all types of flavors to your favorite foods with the help of this Ronco Solid Flavor Injector.

Enhance your food by adding herbs, spices, nuts and fruits. Lock flavors inside your food dishes!

Featuring a solid food injector that’s specially designed to inject anything from whole cloves of garlic, to fruits, to herbs and even vegetables into your favorite cuts of meat, desserts and much more.

Just fill the injector, insert the tip into your ingredient, push the plunger down and – presto – seasonings are blended inside during the cooking process. The result? Meals full of rich flavors. Plus, they can even be used after cooking to add extra flavor and moistness. Try garlic-infused beef, or get creative and try whatever idea comes to mind!

This patented Ronco Solid Flavor Injector is the only solid flavor injector especially designed for kitchen use. Imagine injecting whole cloves of garlic, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, herbs, olives, even vegetables into your favorite meat like roast beef, pork loin roast, leg of lamb, turkey, etc. The infused flavors are much stronger than liquid marinades. This is the only, real way to induce a variety of strong flavors inside your foods during the cooking process. And, the food comes out so beautiful you won’t believe you made it yourself!

Simply fill the Solid Flavor Injector tip with 3 or 4 whole cloves of garlic or whatever solid flavor you like, insert the tip of the injector into any piece of meat and inject by pushing the plunger down. It’s so easy! Be creative – try sweetened cranberries into a turkey breast, green or black olives into a pork loin roast, walnuts into a leg of lamb, or small fresh chunks of pineapple into a honey-baked ham.

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1 x Ronco Showtime Giant Solid Flavor Injector

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  • bonzone says:
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    Way Too Big, June 2, 2013

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    This review is from: Ronco Showtime Giant Solid Flavor Injector
    Keep your money in your pockets folks. This thing is gigantic. The point that goes in the meat is just under an inch in diameter! No way you can expect to inject anything other than hamburger. I should have bought the deluxe kit. It’s cheaper and the neck appears to be smaller. It also comes with a second syringe for liquids. This one does not. I wish I could give it zero stars. Face it folks, there is no cut of meat or poultry that’s going to give way to something 13/16″ in diameter. I’m not even going to try.


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