Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V 18.2 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 3.3-inch OLED (Silver) (2012 Model)

  • 18.2 megapixels
  • 5X optical zoom
  • 3.3-inch OLED
  • Certified waterproof and dustproof
  • Optical SteadyShot with Active Mode for blur-free movies

This camera sports its remarkable 1/2.3” Exmor® R CMOS sensor that allows you to capture 18MP photos and full HD videos with ease. This compact digital camera owns a Optical SteadyShot™ with Active Mode, letting you avoid blurred shots as it compensates any probable camera shake. Moreover, the Sony DSC-TX200V Cyber-shot Digital Camera has a sleek 3.3” Xtra Fine™ TruBlack™ OLED touch screen for awesome composition, and reviewing of your shots, all with the touch of your fingers on the screen. It is also equipped with GPS and compass feature for better scene and location recording plus of course waterproof for you to shoot underwater.

List Price: $ 499.99


3 Responses to “Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V 18.2 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 3.3-inch OLED (Silver) (2012 Model)”

  • Chrystos B. Minot "Chrystos Minot" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Darned Good Little Camera, July 18, 2012
    Chrystos B. Minot “Chrystos Minot” (Boulder, Colorado) –

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    This review is from: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V 18.2 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 3.3-inch OLED (Silver) (2012 Model) (Electronics)

    This is an awesome little point and shoot; I am tempted to call it the best, but for a few design details which I will get to.

    The upsides (for me) are:

    ~18 megapixels! Shoot first, zoom and crop later! Works wonderfully. There is lots of room for high res photos after major zoomage. With the right photo editing software, it’s the equiviant of a huge, strong zoom lens but without the weight or bulk!
    ~In-camera color saturation and exposure controls!
    ~Waterproof, dustproof & freezeproof!
    ~Fast boot-up, and quick focusing.
    ~Quick boot up of your shots for review
    ~User friendly – in camera help menus even with keyword search
    ~Larger (3.3 inch), bright, high resolution screen

    The downsides (for me)

    ~Not shockproof – a serious design omission. I hike, scramble on rocks a bit, take pictures of rock formations, insects, mountain summit views, creek ice crystals–nature stuff (as well as portraiture, and family and friends). I do not treat my beloved equipment roughly, but don’t want to have to treat them like little soap bubbles either! I own (and love) the TX-200’s predecessor, the TX-10, (16 megapixels) which is shock-proof (waterproof etc) and sturdy.
    ~Expensive. At $500, it’s above & beyond all the other point and shoots, ruggedized and otherwise.
    ~Has okay but not great macro capability. Again, I am comparing it to my trusty TX-10 which focuses down to an awesome 1 centimeter (about 5/8 inch), and the TX-200 only goes down to 3 centimeters. But if you are not into serious macro close ups, of course this will not be an issue for you! :-)
    ~You can NOT tuck in into a back pocket of your favorite jeans (Cargo pockets, or belt cases only!) It does flex and bend, and does not like this.

    I am not interested in a “sleek and stylish” poolside / party camera. Is this a creative tool, a viewer into magical worlds, a documenter of cherished events, or a stylish pendant? For me, it is the first three.

    I very carefully wrapped and glued my TX-200 in neoprene (spongy wetsuit materal), on all the non-functional surfaces. Now it is not pretty at all, and way more sturdy and shockproof. (So much for the stylish fragile glass front!) For $500, I wish Sony had done this for me.

    So to summarize this bit–I wouild love for Sony to have made it heavier, bigger, more durable and sturdy, more an adventure camera like the Nikon AW-100, or the Canon. — What good is a full featured, creative, user friendly tool (especially one as pricey as this) if it’s going to die in six months from a two foot drop?

    Okay, enough preaching from the pulpit. I do appreciate this little camera immensely. It has wonderful instructions and explanations built in, even a keyword search function, it has background defocus, and it has HD movies at 60 frames per second, and it has a bigger (3.3 inch diagonal) screen with top-end resolution, which you can brighten as is your wont. It has a terrific picture review zoom function (onscreen) where you can get a tantalizing fortaste of fun on the computer, with photo editing (which I love!) And it (like all little point and shoots) is a camera you DO take with you. If you don’t take the camera, you don’t get the shot!

    I have Sony’s flagship smaller camera, the NX-7 (24 MP, interchangeable lenses, DSLR functions, etc) ….and my little TX’s still get used plenty — they are not mothballed or eclipsed by any stretch!

    It (the TX-200) has almost all functions as touch screen buttons, which has its upsides and downsides for me. Some people go crazy about touch screen functionality (try it in the winter with gloves on, at 8500 feet and a 15 mph wind chill! :-) ) so I will note it as a positive and negative with a sum total of a slight plus.

    So to summarize — if you can afford the hefty price tag, and if you don’t mind a (comparitively) fragile, nonrugged camera, this is an awesome little friend — spectacular photos, ease of use, waterproof, full functions. I will give this little buddy 4.8 stars!

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  • taihua saelee says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Slick, June 25, 2012
    taihua saelee (los angeles, ca United States) –

    This review is from: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V 18.2 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 3.3-inch OLED (Silver) (2012 Model) (Electronics)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 0:29 Mins

    I shot this video to show the waterproof pouch that I use when I take the camera to the beach. I’m trying to show it in the mirror at the beginning of the video, though not so successfully. I also wanted to show what a stunning video this tiny camera can take, but it won’t happen here. You can search for “tx200v Parke Ronen” on YouTube, and you’ll find the original in HD. BTW, Parke & Ronen is the brand of trunks I was wearing that day. It works ;-)

    If you want to see what kind of silly video one ends up taking with this camera, search for “tx200v River Rafting Valencia”.


    This is the only one in its class that can go from kayaking to clubbing in style. Cool!

    Compact, easy to use, and fun to play with. The pictures and the videos are impressive. Reviewing and sharing the images on that tiny screen is incredibly fun. They just look amazing.


    Most of the time, I just turn the camera on, compose, and press the shutter button. The camera starts up pretty fast, except when it reminds you to keep the water seal clean (annoying). The camera does an excellent job of adjusting for day, night, portrait, landscape, etc, which you would expect from this caliber of camera. It hangs a little after taking a picture, though you can still continue taking pictures, just without previews. I have not noticed any motion blur from pressing the shutter.

    In advanced modes the camera does get sluggish and will refuse to do anything until it finishes processing the image. But considering what it does under difficult lighting condition and the resulting image, I think it’s worth it.


    To take a video, I just tap the red dot labeled “Movie” on the touch screen. It’s really that simple. Zoom speed is fixed (bummer). Audio is great for casual events but not for recitals (background noise will ruin it).


    Preview pictures look vivid, maybe too much, and sometimes appear tinted or mosaic as a result. They are fine when you transfer them to the computer. Selecting and zooming into a picture on the camera is awkward. Finger gesture on the touch screen is limited. This is not an Apple.


    I noticed myself experimenting with this camera a lot more than with my old one. Exposure, panorama, high contrast (HDR), twilight, rich-tone monochrome (I never thought I would use that one) and other features are easy to access and use, thanks to the touch screen. It’s intuitive, the options are clearly labeled, and mini-help is only a few taps away. I would refuse to go back to clunky menu and cursor buttons again.

    BTW, this camera does not have aperture control or shutter speed. Only ISO. You control the camera primarily by task.


    I don’t have much faith in it. The majority of complaints, especially the bitter ones, for these types of camera are related to water damage. I have a waterproof pouch for my iPhone (up to 100 ft). When I go to the beach, I just put the camera in that pouch. Controls are a little unwieldy (use “Movie Mode” to take videos using the shutter button) and flash bounces off the shield, but the camera is protected from water and sand (scratches) and doesn’t need to be cleaned afterwards. I posted a picture of it in the “View and share related images” section.


    The camera does collect smudge (cosmetics and sun blocks are the worst), and it shows. It’s actually not as much of a problem as it may seem. I learned to handle the camera by its edge. Since the lens area is essentially a piece of glass, it’s easy to keep clean. As far as the touch screen is concerned, I learned to live with some smudge. It’s just unavoidable. Since the camera is “waterproof”, cleaning it is easy and carefree. I also applied the protector for Nitendo DSi XL’s lower screen on the touch screen. Width is perfect, though I had to trim the height.


    I call it a day battery. As long as I don’t take any video, I can comfortably go though an entire day taking a bunch of pictures (sometimes >100) and reviewing and sharing them. The battery is tiny, so it’s easy to carry a spare.

    I would recommend an external battery charger. A much more elegant way to charge a battery than tying up the camera with a USB cable for hours with the battery compartment open and the water seal exposed.


    Start recording a video, then plug the camera into a USB charger (not a computer), and stop recording. Voila. You have a fully operational camera running on AC. Handy for recording extended video.


    This is the first time I bought a Sony camera. Very happy with it. I finally feel like I entered the world of HD video, in a very nice way, and the pictures are amazing.

    Hope this review is helpful :-) Please…

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  • rbhatta "A Dinosaur you can trust!" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    If money is not everything!, May 21, 2012
    rbhatta “A Dinosaur you can trust!” (Sunnyvale, CA, USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V 18.2 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 3.3-inch OLED (Silver) (2012 Model) (Electronics)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    If money is not everything and you do not mind spending a few hundred dollars extra then you will find this Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX200V ultra-slim, ultra-light a “perfect” choice which offers very unique features that makes this the best `point & shoot’ camera product of the year 2012! …

    Here is why…

    Image resolution & Movie recording:
    This tiny shiny camera boasts 18.2 MP resolution image captures which is the highest resolution till date of any point and shoot camera of this size. It also captures very smooth `optically stabilized’ video up-to 1080p/60 true HD AVCHD movies in stereo AC3 sound at the same time allowing user to capture stills [16:9] seamlessly while taking movies which is very impressive and useful feature indeed.

    Perfect looking stills every time. Thanks to various built-in camera post processing. Almost if not every photo I have taken so far has come out perfect. No blurry images No shake. Excellent results every single time.

    Practical use of a point & Shoot:
    How many times you wished that you take a video of that special Birthday moment of your child while at the same time wished to have a high resolution still image of the moment to cherish later? Well, Sony got that it right this time. You no longer have to juggle a camcorder and bulky DSLR with plethora of lens attachments, this `simple looking’ lightweight stylish point and shoot camera does it all effortlessly.

    Waterproof – Peace of mind!
    The Camera is waterproof! – Yay! The specs say up-to 5 meters and can operate underwater for full hour of underwater photography! – Very impressive indeed. But for most users may not really use the camera underwater. What it gives to a general user is peace of mind that if you accidently drop this in pool or get wet in the rain it will not damage the camera.

    Creative and Macro Photography:
    Very Impressive Macro photos, I must say it is truly amazing how close you can get to the subject to take those beautiful looking Macro photos. I have used Canon EOS 60D before; I must say it is very close to the DSLR quality when it comes to macro photography without any need of special lenses or contraptions. You can use the “Defocus Effect” feature to get those professional looking close-ups that otherwise takes a lot of photography experience and expensive lenses and contraptions. This simple point and shoot camera does it beautifully and effortlessly. – Impressive!

    Memory card:
    I used SanDisk microSDHC 32GB Flash Memory Card (Retail Packaging) SDSDQM-032G-B35,Black with this camera and found the memory card fully compatible. I did not try any other microSD/SDHC memory card. It accepted the 32GB capacity just fine. I however wished that it accepted standard SD cards which are faster and cheaper these days. I am not sure why SONY decided to go with microSD/SDHC cards with this camera.

    Battery life:
    The battery life is good, In real life test I wished that it could have given me more but I got about 195 photos under 3 hours before it gave up on me. The OLED screen display has various options to conserve battery, I have found that if I use a “Darker” menu theme the OLED screen consumes less power and you get more juice out of the battery and also turn off the GPS feature if you do not want location data for your photos.

    [+] The sleekest waterproof point & shoot camera on the market.
    [+] Takes beautiful stills & amazing looking Macro still photos.
    [+] Takes very good high quality movie captures in HD 1080p/60 and still simultaneously.
    [+] GPS enabled location markers for your photos!
    [+] Ultra compact and extremely lightweight makes it easy to carry anywhere.

    [-] Battery compartment is fragile and does not look well built; it will eventually break sooner or later.
    [-] Accepts MicroSD/SDHC cards only instead of standard SD/SDHC cards which are a big bummer! As most MicroSD cards are expensive and run at slower speed than standard SD/SDHC cards.
    [-] USB and HDMI interfaces are tucked inside the battery compartment which will take toll on the battery compartment each time you need to charge the camera and or transfer photos.
    [-] Front Face and rear OLED Screen are prone to dust and scratches.
    [-] The W/T (Zoom) lever is placed at odd location which is difficult to use and feels fragile.


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