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xhorizon TM FLK Premium Fashion Deluxe Scrub Leather Hook Loop Pouch Holster Credit Card Holder Case Cover for iPhone 4 4S/iPhone 5 5S/iPhone 5C/Samsung S3 Mini/Samsung Galaxy S3/Samsung Ace S5830/Samsung S4 Mini/HTC/LG/Nokia/Sony Various Phones

  • Fashion and deluxe scrub pu leather hook loop pouch holster credit card holder case cover for your cell phone!
  • Made of scrub pu leather,inner material is high quality fiber!
  • A stylus and a cleaning cloth will be sent to you as a gift!
  • It can be a best gift for your friends and beloved!
  • Sole distributor of “xhorizon” products in amazon authorized by brand owner Mr. Lai

100% Brand New

Material: Deluxe scrub pu leather,inner material is high quality fiber!

Colors:Seven colors for you choose,please choose one you like.

Qty: 1 X case cover & 1 X stylus & 1 X cleaning cloth

List Price: $ 10.99


Credit Card Bottle Opener – Brushed Finish with Gift Box

  • Unique and cool slim brushed finish bottle opener with black gift box.
  • Perfect for Father’s day, Christmas stocking stuffer, groomsmen gift, business promotional gift, or any present for a guy.
  • Made of heavy #403 high grade stainless steel. Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • Credit card size 3 5/16″ x 2 1/8″ fits in all wallets
  • Easily open your beer and soda bottles

Unique and cool slim brushed finish bottle opener with black gift box. Perfect for Father’s day, Christmas stocking stuffer, groomsmen gift, or any present for a guy. Made of heavy #403 high grade stainless steel. Weighs 1.6 ounces. Credit card size 3 5/16″ x 2 1/8″ fits in all wallets. Easily open your beer and soda bottles.

List Price: $ 11.95


The Shopping Addiction Remedy: Free Yourself From Retail Therapy Forever By Stopping Your Addiction to Shopping Today (shopping, credit card debt, shopping … retail therapy, ebay shopping, spending)

A Step-By-Step Method To Help Overcome Your Shopping Addiction Once And For All

Shopping is a seemingly harmless activity. Unfortunately, when this innocent pastime spirals out of hand, it can lead to emotional and financial disaster, potentially leading to the destruction of personal and professional relationships. Much like an addiction to alcohol or gambling, shopping addictions can take over a person’s life. Although a shopping addiction does not involve the intake of intoxicating substances, it can be just as damaging to a person’s overall wellbeing.

It is a sad reality that shopaholics are often ridiculed by society. Many people don’t realize that an addiction to shopping is a very real problem and the consequences can be devastating. This book will help you grasp the gravity of the situation, and will help you understand that a shopping problem is more than just a lack of willpower.

A preview of what you will learn……

  • The Psychology of Retail Therapy
  • Symptoms of Extreme Shopping Addiction
  • Control Your Shopping Triggers
  • Gain Financial Freedom and a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Question by CMH: How do strip club charges show up on your bank or credit card statements?
Like, how discreet is it? Does “Sally’s Big Booty Dancers” show up as “Sally’s Golf Pro Shop” so there are no questions asked? Or is it something more like, “SBBD”, that would still need to be explained?

Best answer:

Answer by I know what I want
Pay in cash !

What do you think? Answer below!

Scam Proof Your Online Shopping – Safety Tips For Shopping Online (Online Shopping Credit Card Safety)

Safety measures for shopping online are not a mere luxury but a key necessity. Millions of credit cards are compromised every day online and the truth is – no one is really safe. People have lost thousands and some millions at the hands of online scammers and hackers who have mastered the art of scamming by using various methods, which are discussed extensively in this Scam proof shopping Guide.

What makes matters worse is the fact that more than half of the people who are scammed are not aware of the scams or have no idea that they have been hacked (not even when they receive their bills). This is why it is important to always take the necessary precautions when shopping online in order to avoid being scammed knowingly or unknowingly. Do not think just because you’ve shopped a million times online before then you are safe – no you are not! Just like a car accident, it takes one moment to become a victim of cyber crime. Chances are you’ve already been scammed once or twice before and you don’t know about it.

Truth is there are a number of articles and guides that offer safety tips for shopping online and if you have the time you can spend the next week or two to search and read them one by one. Alternatively (and more recommended) download this book instantly and within minutes you will have all the information you will ever need to stay safe online (at least for the next 12 months until new scamming methods are discovered). Within the next hour you should have the entire armory you need to avoid falling prey of the unscrupulous scammers, hackers and untrustworthy sites online.
This comprehensive online shopping safety guide offers information about credit card safety, spotting fake sites and keeping phishers at bay. It is exactly what you need as we are excitedly headed for the Christmas shopping season. Yes! This Safe shopping Guide offers online holiday shopping safety tips as well.

It is structured around 10 safety tips for shopping online but you will also find additional information about general practices to stay safe while surfing the internet. The last chapter contains some action steps you should be using every day. You are probably utilizing just one out of all the ones listed there.
Don’t expect a course about how to shop online (it is so easy you do not need a book for that) or a list of best sites to shop from (these change every now and then) rather expect useful information about credit card security advice, Online security and payment systems, online security breaches and certification and online shopping safety precautions to take to avoid becoming a victim. We will teach you the methods to apply when checking any site in existence online. Our goal is to provide you with a quick win formula you can start using two hours from now.

Grab yourself a copy now, master the vital skill of avoiding online scams and be safe for your everyday and holiday shopping online.


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