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Before You Buy a Computer a Practical Guide to Computer Shopping


Start Your Own Online Coupon or Daily Deal Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success (StartUp Series)

Unlike old-school “design your own coupon book” titles, this book moves straight into computer technology and proceeds to the latest trend in couponing . . . apps, which provide deals to mobile users in any location. Many daily deal businesses do not work to enhance the experience for their merchants. Readers, however, can learn how to do so. Experts in the industry are also included such as Marc Horne, co-creator of Daily Deal Builder, who discusses what it takes to build a daily deal site, David Teichner, CEO of Yowza!! who brought deal apps to iPhones and several business owners who have tried their luck at running daily deal. They discuss what they have learned from the process.

Currently there are few, if any, other books on how to start a daily deal business and the coupon books focus on how to use coupons and even on extreme couponing, but not on running an online coupon business. This is a unique title which provides those who enjoy offering deals and discounts to get started in an industry that is still growing.

List Price: $ 19.95


Gift Basket Business Guide to Holiday Sales: How to Make the Most Out of Your 4th Quarter Sales (Gift Basket Business Guide to Profits Series)

If you’re a gift basket business owner looking to shine in what is perhaps the most hectic period of the year, then Gift Basket Business Guide to Holiday Sales by Liz Thompson is the book for you! Built on the same concepts and principles covered in Gift Basket Business Guide to Making REAL Money by the same author, this manual tackles the crucial elements necessary to increase sales during the holiday season.

This is also the season for two important positions to rise to the occasion – the Sales Representative and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This guide outlines why your key people need to know their roles (especially when YOU are playing these roles), how to cascade their know-how to the rest of the sales team, identify targets, step up their holiday marketing campaign, create proposals, close the sales AND nurture their clients post-sales.

The fourth quarter is rife with the stiffest competition, and as the book’s introduction goes, do NOT feel like you have to do everything on your own. This is the time to get those extra pair of hands. Trust Liz Thompson when she says you’re going to need all the help you can get for tasks such as:

- cold calls

- holiday presentations

- number crunching

- marketing your products

- providing incentives to clients

- perfecting your business correspondences

- using seasonal educational articles to build trust and boost sales

And that’s just the tip of the holiday iceberg! You deserve the best advice possible and it gets no better than this guide.

Other Titles in the Gift Basket Business Guide to Profits Series Include:

How to Start a Gift Basket Business: Learn to Make Money the Smart and Sassy Way

Gift Basket Business Guide to Thriving Even in Tough Times: 101 Ways to Grow Your Gift Business Starting Right Now

Gift Basket Business Guide to Marketing: 7 Easy Lesons to Jump Start Your Sales

Gift Basket Business Guide to Making REAL Money: How to Get the Lucrative Corporate Accounts

Gift Basket Business Guide to Holiday Sales: How to Make the Most Out of Your 4th Quarter Sales


The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale: A How To Guide

So, you’ve got a stockpile of all the things you’ve acquired from your couponing bargains. But you don’t want all of it and you need some extra cash to pay for groceries or to get the house painted. Sounds like it’s time to have a couponing stockpile garage sale.

Here is a breakdown of the sections of the book:

Organize Your Stuff
How to Price Your Items
Layout – How to Lay Out Your Garage Sale
Timing – When to Have the Garage Sale
Advertise – Let Your Sale Be Known!
Before First Days of Sale
Before, after and During the Sale
Have Fun
Safety and Legal
Future Sales
Online Resources
Garage Sale Sign Checklist
Things to Do 3-4 Days before the Sale
Things to Do the Day of the Sale
Things to Do after the Sale
Garage Sale Checklist

The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale: How To will teach you how to have a successful garage sale selling your couponing stockpile goodies.

Even if you don’t have a coupon stockpile, this book is packed full of ideas, tips and tricks so that you can have a successful garage sale.


Couponing Secret Success: A Complete Guide to Maximizing Coupons and Saving Thousands of $ $ $

Couponing Secret Success is the perfect book for the beginner or intermdiate coupon user interested in saving money through Coupon use. In this book you will learn:
- Coupon Acronyms and Terms
- Basic Coupon Policies
- Store Rules and Coupon Restrictions
- Advanced Coupon Match-up Techniques
- Personal stories of Coupon Savings

Armed with this material you can save your family hundreds (no exaggeration) a month in household purchases. If you are not already using coupons you are truly over-paying!


Born to Shop: Italy : The Super-Shopper’s Guide to Name-Brand, Designer and Bargain Shopping (Suzy Gershman’s Born to Shop Italy)

Born to Shop: Italy : The Super-Shopper’s Guide to Name-Brand, Designer and Bargain Shopping (Suzy Gershman’s Born to Shop Italy)

List Price: $ 12.00


Wholesale by Mail and Online (Bargain Buyer’s Guide)

This bestselling guide contains the most current information on ordering products and services online, by phone, and by mail at savings of up to 80 percent off the retail price. While finding the best outlets and sources for bargains, consumers will learn how to “shop smart” for every product imaginable-from caviar, gourmet coffee, and clothing to linens, snow tires, and carpeting, and more. Full of large and small businesses that have found innovative ways to save consumers hundreds of dollars on the highest quality goods and best-known brands, this tome of money-saving advice offers tips on how to minimize shipping and handling fees, keep credit card information secure on the Net, and access sites and savings unknown to the common consumer. Meticulously researched and actively tested by 23 successful years on the market, this bargain hunter’s classic proves to be a resourceful and indispensable sourcebook for those shoppers who refuse to pay market prices.

List Price: $ 20.95


Who Knew? Extreme Coupons: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Saving Money on Groceries – Includes a Directory of Hundreds of Free, Printable Coupons You Can Find Online! (Who Knew Tips)

Find out the Secrets to Saving Thousands with Coupons!

Whether you want to extreme coupon like they do on TV, or just find out some easy tips to save with coupons, Who Knew? Extreme Coupons gives you everything you need to save at least 50 percent on every grocery bill, including:
• More than 180 websites that offer free, printable coupons, along with more than 150 websites that match these coupons up with sales at your local supermarkets
• Where to shop, when to shop, and how to know what coupons to clip
• How to get paid to shop by working your store’s loyalty program
• Why buying smaller sizes can save you even more than buying bigger items
• What Catalina coupons are and how they can maximize your savings
• How to know when products at your store will be on sale
• The secrets to saving at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and more
• Where to find coupons for clothes, electronics, restaurants, and other products beyond the supermarket
• How to add coupons to your grocery store’s loyalty card without having to print a thing
• Why choosing the right check-out line matters, and what to say if your cashier calls the manager
• The pros and cons of each different coupon-organizing method
• Ingenious ways to get even more coupons from family, friends, coworkers, and online
• Pre-written letters you can send to companies to request more coupons
• And more!

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Art of Couponing: Easy-to-Use Coupon Strategy Tips
Chapter 2: Where to Find Coupons
Chapter 3: When and Where to Shop
Chapter 4: At the Store
Chapter 5: The Secrets About Sales and Loyalty Programs
Chapter 6: Organizing Your Coupons and Stockpile
Chapter 7: Beyond the Grocery Store: Finding Coupons for Restaurants, Clothes, Electronics, Home Furnishings, and More
Appendix 1: Online Sources of Free, Printable Coupons
Appendix 2: Where to Find Your Store’s Coupon Matchups
Appendix 3: Effective Letters to Send to Companies for Free Coupons
Couponing Glossary


Writing Screenplays That Sell, New Twentieth Anniversary Edition: The Complete Guide to Turning Story Concepts into Movie and Television Deals

“No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story.” —Will Smith

“Michael Hauge is a story master, and this book is an absolute must have for anyone serious about telling great stories for the screen.” —DeVon Franklin, Vice-President of Production, Columbia Pictures

From renowned Hollywood story consultant Michael Hauge, considered “one of the most sought after lecturers and script consultants in the U.S.” by Scriptwriter magazine, comes the ultimate concept-to-deal guide for writing and selling screenplays for movies and television—now fully revised and updated for the modern screenwriter in this all new 20th anniversary edition.

List Price: $ 21.00


Home Teeth Whitening Kit- 4 shades whiter in 7 Days or Less 100% Guaranteed(Shading guide included) – Newly Released Exclusive Platinum Collection-New White LED Light, 2 Moldable Mouth Trays, Vitamin E Swabs for Ensured Comfort, 4 Syringes with Dentist Highly Recommended 35% Peroxide, Mouth Guard Case, Shading Guide and Bonus “Night Time” Pen. Safe for Cavity Fillings, Capped Teeth and Even Crowns. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Enter Coupon Code RDDL6NBB at Checkout and Save .00 Instantly!

  • Complete Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Includes 35% Gels, Trays, Case, Light

We all know just how important a smile is. It is the first thing people notice about you. That is why we have created a product that not only produces optimal results, but also provides people the confidence to actually enjoy Smiling!
The IllumiWhite Platinum Collection from Bright White Smiles is a top of the line home teeth whitening kit. 100 of customers notice a dramatic difference within 7 days OR LESS of using this system.

Included is our newly released White LED Whitening Activator Light, 4 Filled 35 peroxide syringes, 2 custom forming teeth trays, 8 Vitamin E Snap Swabs, Shading guide, Bonus on the go or Night Time pen, case and instructions. We use #1 Dentist recommended 35 Carbamide Peroxide because studies show optimal results occur with this percentage. A higher percentage may damage enamel and cause aching to teeth, while a lower dosage in most studies does not whiten enough. If you are looking for an at home kit that is up to par with a dental whitening, without having to go to the dentist, you have found the right product. We Guarantee results!

Use our teeth whitening trays once per day for the first week. If your teeth do become sensitive, reduce treatment down to once every other day.
You will see your teeth will be 4 shades whiter within the first week or less or you will receive 100 of your money back. Directions for the teeth whitening bonus pen are as follows: Use it On The Go or before bed. Apply thin layer to teeth and allow 1 minute to dry before closing mouth. No need to rinse. Enjoy results!
With The IllumiWhite Platinum Collection by Bright White Smiles we also provide a 30 day money back guarantee for all customers! If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied! Enjoy!

List Price: $ 99.99


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