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Grocery Savings Survival Guide: Your 12 Strategic Steps to Easily Saving Big Money at the Grocery Store While Feeding Your Family Well

Do you need help saving money on your grocery budget without compromising health or quality? The Grocery Savings Survival Guide provides you with 12 strategies to slash your grocery budget while eating well. If you’re anything like me, when you’re busy, stressed, and frazzled you usually also find yourself running on autopilot. Eventually you find yourself tired, hungry, and wandering aimlessly through the grocery store without a plan. Before you know it, you’ve spent more than you intended to, and you aren’t even sure what’s for dinner. After a series of job losses and pay-cuts, our family had to learn how to get more strategic with our grocery shopping and budgeting. Most of the strategies I’m going to teach you in the Grocery Savings Survival Guide were developed during this season of hard core penny pinching. Life isn’t just about saving money though. Your time is the stuff that makes up your life. Time is valuable too. That’s why I’ve worked at honing these strategies for you to show you how to spend less time while stretching your grocery shopping budget. These 12 Strategies I’m going to show you in the Grocery Savings Survival Guide will change how you shop and spend money You’ll learn: Why bulk shopping isn’t about buying big packages How coupons can help you afford a whole foods diet Discover apps and offers that will give you cash back when you shop Learn how to save time and money by ordering your necessities strategically online How shopping with cash helps you save even more Figure out ways to save time and money on your favorite meals Why a slow cooker is a busy mom’s friend and how to use it to your advantage Learn the secrets to making your meals taste amazing, even on a budget Develop a strategy for your sack lunches and snacks to save even more How to plan your meals for maximum savings Discover ways to plan your shopping trip to save on money and time …and more What are you waiting for? Start saving on your grocery shopping budget now! Portions of this book were previously published as Shopping and Cooking Frugally, but have been reworked and updated for clarity and content.

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Guide For Ikea Shopping Tips

  • * Plenty of intuitive tips that make you ready to be a smart shopper.
  • * Tons of text colors that decorate this tutorial app’s texts.
  • * This app is tested in all latest devices.

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FabJob Guide to Become a Personal Shopper (FabJob Guides)

Personal shoppers are hired to shop for gifts, fashions, and other items for busy people.

Some personal shoppers are employed by boutiques or department stores to assist the stores customers. Others are hired to shop for individuals or corporate clients. As a personal shopper your work may range from buying birthday presents to finding the perfect promotional item for a company to give to important clients.

The book offers advice on how to learn the skills needed to get hired as a personal shopper, including identifying what clients want, finding the best products, and arranging for purchases. You will also learn how to get discounts on merchandise and prevent purchasing disasters.

The guide explains how to get hired as a personal shopper by a boutique, department store, or shopping center. You will learn how to find job openings, prepare a resume, and do well in an interview.

The guide also gives step-by-step information on how to start a personal shopping business, including how to get clients and how much to charge. The CD-ROM that comes with the book includes many helpful samples that can be used in a personal shopping business.

Visit for career guides. This book is now a textbook for the International Association of Professions Career College. Personal Shopper Certificate Courses are available from the publisher’s website.

List Price: $ 19.97


Save Money and Time Buying Groceries (A Modern Mother’s Guide)


Almost everybody dreams of saving time and money, two of the most precious resources in the modern world. When you become a mother, saving time and money becomes even more important, but it also becomes a little more challenging. Whether you are a fulltime homemaker, a self-employed freelancer who works from home, or a working mother who holds an outside job, making sure your family has three nutritious meals a day (plus snacks and other extras) can take up a surprising amount of money and energy.

According to Gary Foreman of The Dollar Stretcher, many families spend up to 20 percent of their total income on food purchases alone. This figure can shift depending on different factors, but if it sounds high to you, then you can definitely benefit from taking greater control of your shopping trips and seeing the figures you really want.

Before you had kids, a trip to the supermarket probably involved a quick spin around the store to grab healthy essentials and a few indulgences, based only on your tastes or those of your partner.


It’s the digital age, and you can take advantage of modern conveniences even during basic tasks such as stocking up on groceries for your hungry family. Check out trusted online vendors such or the websites of well-known retailers to see if you can snag a better deal online than when shopping in person.

Finding a good deal online cuts down on the process of driving to the store, locating your item, comparing it with other items available, waiting in line at the cash register, and so on. When you are shopping online, you can accomplish everything you need to do during a few quiet minutes between dinner and bedtime, or before the kids arrive home from school.

After you compare deals and place your order, you just have to wait for your purchases to show up on your doorstep. The key here is to time your online purchases so that you do not have a gap between the time you need your purchase and the time it is delivered to your home. For instance, when you realize you are nearly running out of basics such as toothpaste or toilet paper, place an order for bulk items. By the time you are ready to restock with a pricey or time-consuming trip to the store, you will already have your new stock waiting…

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Modern Lifestyles: The Mom’s Guide To Saving Money & Time At The Supermarket
+ Introduction
+ A Step-by-Step Plan to Saving Time at the Store
+ Ideas for Saving Money at the Store
+ Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
+ …and much more


Textile Fiestas of Mexico: A Traveler’s Guide to Celebrations, Markets, and Smart Shopping

2017 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, Silver, Travel

This book, geared to independent-minded travelers, presents the most safe and accessible regional markets and artisan events in Mexico, with an emphasis on finding the finest quality traditional textiles and shopping ethically. Where and when to go, how to get around, what to look for at each location, how to judge quality—it’s all here, with abundant photographs and common-sense advice.

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High-End Bargain Hunting: Your Guide to Getting More for Less

Ever wonder how to get amazing designer goods without having to pay full price? High-End Bargain Hunting provides valuable tips and tricks on how to find luxury goods for much less. Replete with advice ranging from in-store, online, and sample sale shopping and shopping-related vignettes, High-End Bargain Shopping is a must-have book for any fashionista looking to save some money on designer goods!

Tips include:
– Best times of the year to shop
– Where to shop
– Tidbits on what to look for
– Insider tricks
– Guides to designer items
& more!

Shopping strategies are mapped out in detail for bi-annual sales, special sales, and how to prep for sales. Includes information on how to shop at both brick & mortar stores (Saks, Neiman Marcus, Barney’s) to major online retailers including Net-A-Porter, Yoox, and more! There are also sections on why buying designer goods are worth it in the long term, how to find out your best sizing options, and what’s worth the discount and what’s not!

“If you have ever been interested shopping for designer goods and saving money (or just shopping in general) then this book should be your new bible.” – Lisa Silver

“Thank you! It is hard work to own labels and Hrisoula is giving away all the short cuts.” – Juljana Roshi


What To Buy When (2017): A Guide To The Monthly Grocery & Retail Sales

UPDATED FOR 2017! While certain items seem to be on sale in heavy rotation at stores (for instance, one week Pepsi products are on sale, the next week Coca-Cola, and then back to Pepsi, and so on), there are many items that are only at their best price during certain times of the year. In “What To Buy When”, author Ann Eckhart (of the popular money-saving blog shares which items are at their best price every month throughout the year. In this easy-to-read guide, you will learn when everything from food and clothing to electronics and toys is at its rock-bottom price!


Angular 2 – From the basics to the online shop. A practical guide. Including Pizza.: Based on the first official Release

The first official release of Angular 2 has finally appeared and the stability of the API is guaranteed, so it’s time to take a look at the framework in more detail. Unlike with many manuals, in this book I don’t want to bother you with having to study hundreds of pages of theory before you finally get to programme a small specimen. I myself have never enjoyed learning this way. Therefore, this book takes a slightly different approach: we start programming straight away and then study the practical aspect. Sounds simple. It is. In the first three chapters we’ll start by installing a development environment and creating a structure for our project. During this I’ll tell you what to do and why, step by step. This lays the groundwork and meets all the conditions for programming. In the next chapter we begin, without further ado, to program the basis for a single-page application so we get something on-screen very quickly. In each chapter we then get a little deeper into the world of Angular 2, Typescript and PrimeNg, as I explain to you, alongside development and in short paragraphs, how and why what we are doing works. This is how, chapter by chapter, an e-shop that has all the basic functions such as product overview, a detailed product view, shopping cart, etc. gradually comes into being. In later chapters we look at additional topics such as authentication and restriction, error handling and deployment of the completed application on an Apache Tomcat web server. Every part of the source code that we write expands the project. A comprehensive example. Without exception. Promise! The book is accompanied by a ready-to-download server on the book’s website. The server’s source code is also included so that you can use it as a basis for experimentation. However, if you’d mainly like to focus on the Angular 2 framework and you’re not so interested in the server at that moment, an additional server is available for you to use on the Internet. So it’s not obligatory to install the server locally on your computer. By the time you reach the end of the book you’ll already have your first project experience with Angular 2 and with the knowledge that you’ve, almost incidentally, acquired during our project, you can then start your own project without any major problems. Who is this book aimed at? This book is not intended as a basic book on programming. You should have at least a little experience with an object-oriented programming language such as Java, C# or JavaScript. It is assumed that you know what a variable, attribute, method or class is. You should also know a little bit about HTML tags and some experience with Cascading Style Sheets is definitely not a disadvantage. If these terms don’t yet mean anything to you in relation to programming, then I definitely recommend that you read a basic book on programming before reading this one.

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The Cheapskate’s Guide To Shopping – How To Get The Best For Much Less! (Cheapskate’s Guide Series Book 2)

“The Cheapskate’s Guide To Shopping – How To Get The Best For Much Less!” is for anyone who wants to save money when shopping, yet still enjoy the best in life without having to compromise on quality to get the required quantity.

With so many buying options available to you it is easy to end up spending far more money than you expect, yet with discount shopping you can save money whilst still buying what you want. This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to saving money without having to go without.

As you read this book you will get practical tips and advice showing you exactly how you can get the best deals and save money when shopping. With so many families facing a squeeze financially, these strategies can make a big difference in stretching your finances whilst providing for your loved ones.

In “The Cheapskate’s Guide To Shopping – How To Get The Best For Much Less!” you will discover:

– Coupons – a superb way to save money and one that can be incredibly effective if you know what you are doing so find out about the different types of coupon and when to use each type

– Buying in Bulk – a time honored method of saving money so you will learn about the options available to you and how this can make a huge difference to your budget

– Buying Online – learn why buying online and waiting a few days for delivery can save you a lot of money

– Buying from Overseas – another great way to save money if you are willing to wait for delivery, which can save you a significant amount of money on almost any item, particularly some of the more expensive products

– Store Cards and Applications – find out more about store cards and why they can be a great way for you to save money when they are used correctly!

– Buying Seasonally – products that are in season, including clothing and electronics, are always much cheaper at the end of that season, you can buy the products for less and stock up for next year

– Re-Sales Shopping – discover more about this shopping option where you can buy items at a discount including clothing, food, appliances and more, which means you can buy what you want at less than full retail price

– Interacting Directly With Companies – find out how contacting companies that you buy products from directly can end up giving you some much needed savings!

With so many families under financial pressure, saving money when you are shopping can make a big difference between getting the products you need and going without. With this book you will learn some great strategies for saving money on your shopping, which will be a huge benefit to your family.

Enjoy learning how to get the best for your money as “The Cheapskate’s Guide To Shopping – How To Get The Best For Much Less!” shows you how to make your money work for you. Discover today how get some great bargains, stretching your money further!


The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style: Secrets to Shopping Cheap and Looking Chic

Priceless tips and tricks to shopping on a budget, from America’s favorite frugal fashionista

Stylish bargain-hunters have been flocking to Lilliana Vazquez’s since 2008 for tips and tricks on how to shop smart, copy their favorite designer looks, and dress chic for less. Now a go-to destination for women eager for affordable fashion, the site has established Lilliana as a nationally recognized style expert.
Now, in The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style, Lilliana is spilling her secrets! Fun quizzes will help readers define their style and budget. And Lilliana lays out the best places—from stores to flash-sale sites to their own closets— to score stylish deals. Approachable and beautifully designed, The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style is the must-have accessory for 2013 and beyond.


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