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Question by loveparrolets: Is the company “Corporate Research International” a legitimate company?
My question has nothing to do with any kind of phones. This is a company that I wish to work with as a mystery shopper or auditor and need to know if they are a scam or fraud company. Where do you go to find out if a company on the internet is legitimate?
The company did not contact me. I contacted them. Its so hard to believe that no one at yahoo answers knows where to go to check and see if a company is a fraud or not.This is my first time to ask a question and I received 1 reply.

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Answer by wally4u_1968
dont know where to find info, but if u got a unsolicited email my guess would be it is a scam.

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Question by m6bonster: Has anyone ever heard of the web site “Free Grocery Coupon”? is it a legitimate business?
I tried looking it up on the BBB but am not sure i did it correctly. anyway nothing came up. i probably have a reason to be skeptical, but felt urged to ask.

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Answer by libbyami
It is, but you end up getting A LOT of spam. Thats why you don’t have to pay for it

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