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Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less

  • Tips, strategies, and real-life examples.
  • Be a bargain hunter.
  • Turn the tables on the banks and retailers.
  • Softcover; 204 pgs.
  • Returns for same title exchange only.

Do More, Spend Less is the new road map to winning as a consumer. It’s a game plan to get off the default path, turn the tables on the banks, airlines, hotels, cell phone companies and retailers and emerge victorious in the great game being played for your hard earned cash.

Written by Brad Wilson, founder of, the largest editorial-driven deal website, the book provides tips, strategy and real-life examples of things he has personally done over the past 10 years as a professional bargain hunter. Learn how he:

  • Earned 5m frequent flyer miles, all on the ground 
  • Stayed two weeks in one of the nicest hotels in Europe for free
  • Moved his credit score from 400 to almost 800
  • Found discounts on new cars of up to 25% off

The entire basis for thinking about how best to shop, spend, travel, bank–essentially all aspects of being a consumer–has fundamentally changed. The power is now in your hands, and Do More, Spend Less shows you how to win as a consumer.

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