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ShopSmart Car Lighter Hidden Compartment Safe Pill Jewelry Valuables Case

  • ShopSmart Car Lighter Hidden Compartment Safe Pill Case
  • A safe and easy way to keep your medication pills, small jewelry or valuables. Wont take a lot of space in you pocket.
  • Screw cap helps you to secure you pills from the oxygen or dirt.
  • Looks like a real car lighter.

ShopSmart Car Lighter Hidden Compartment Safe Pill Case


SLEEP SAFE BED BUG, DUST MITE, and ALLERGEN PROOF “QUEEN 12″” Mattress ZipCover, Size: Queen 60″ x 80″ x 12″deep ENCASEMENT L Zipper – compare price

  • Best Choice for Bed Bug protection !! Sleep Safe ZipCover’s EVOLUTION Award Winning EVOLON® Fabric
  • Provides the perfect physical layer to protect against Bed Bugs, Dust Mites & Allergens.
  • Baby-Safe! Breathable cotton-like comfort resulting from unique microfilament technology.
  • Bleach-Safe! Maintains performance & efficacy after repeated washings up to 200° Fahrenheit.
  • Sleep Safe EVOLUTION Encasements are Free of PVCs or Chemical Post Treatments for Better Health.

Our EVOLON fabric has a 1 micron filtration which gives you the highest protection in bedding encasements on the market. EVOLUTION’s Sleep Safe ZipCover features EVOLON® fabric. The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) awarded the coveted Seal of Quality to EVOLON® in providing the perfect physical layer to protect against Bed Bugs, Dust Mites & Allergens. German engineered and medically approved for anti-mite protection. This patented fabric is created from a solvent and binder-free process using only stable raw materials that are environmentally safe. “EVOLON®’s ability to offer a natural and physical barrier that is 100% safe, comfortable and effective makes it the method of mite-proof protection recommended by medical specialists. EVOLON® fabric in EVOLUTION Sleep Safe ZipCovers mite-proof mattress and pillow encasings bridge the gap between performance and comfort, representing a significant leap for dust-mite sufferers everywhere.” EVOLON®’s award of the ECARF Seal was based on its ability to meet the stringent testing and validation criteria of various independent institutes. EVOLON® has also been granted the Oeko-Tex Mark (Standard 100, Product Class 1) which certifies it is free of harmful substances and suitable for contact with baby skin. Its filtering barrier comes from a dense compact fiber structure that’s breathable yet strong. Because the fabric (not chemicals) protects you, there’s no stiff rustle sound. Washing doesn’t remove its effectiveness and only makes the fabric softer. Construction is controlled at our American plant, employing highly skilled US Workers. Our products come with a 10 year guarantee. For best protection, encase all pillows, mattresses and box springs. Use ELF for Bed Bugs & Dust Mite Spray to naturally eliminate insects.

List Price: $ 58.00


SimpliFine Food Safe Cut Resistant Gloves, Large. Best for using with a Mandolin, Grater, Cutting with Knives and Avoiding Cuts. Level 5 Professional Grade Protection – Comes with Amazing Deals

  • ♥ QUALITY LOVE SIMPLIFINE – When it comes to protecting your hands and wrists from scrapes with sharp objects in the kitchen, safety and protection is of the utmost importance. We’ve taken CE certified food grade Polyethylene (4 times stronger than leather) to safely use whilst cutting and preparing food, with a Mandolin or chopping up vegetables really quickly at Chef’s speed.
  • ♥ SO MANY USES & MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – By utilising these fantastic high performance pack of protective gloves, you can apply them to any food service at home or at work and ensure you protect your hands and wrists. Customer use typically ranges from shucking oysters, fishing, de-boning and restaurant food preparation. Look no further for handling broken glass, filleting, gardening and moving windshields in the automotive industry. Professionals use these slash resistant gloves.
  • ♥ OUR QUARREL FREE GUARANTEE – Though we know it’s highly unlikely that you WON’T be satisfied with these cut & slash saving cut resistant gloves. We have no problem giving you a 100% refund of your purchase price if you aren’t satisfied.
  • ♥ THE BEST PROTECTIVE SAFETY FEELING – Just 1 Pair of safety gloves, will give you an exhilarating care free disposition when you do risky tasks around the home or at work. Using these with a grater, knife or mandolin will speed up your preparation time for sure whilst avoid scrapes. In no time you will stop worrying about cutting yourself and safely finish food contact tasks at hand quickly.
  • ♥ NO MORE SCRAPES, CUTS & NICKS – Eliminate stress in a busy kitchen with hungry waiting mouths. Take some of the stress away and rest assured that you’ll never have dangerous mistakes again with the added comfort and reassurance that SimpliFine’s Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves bring. Made from fibre knits that resemble stainless steel wire, these food grade cooking gloves are breathable, ultra light weight, highly durable with the added comfort of wrist protection.


When you open it up, you discover the food guard is not designed to cut tomatoes without potentially taking your finger off. The Mandolin goes back in the box


SimpliFine Cut Resistance Gloves use breathable technology fibers and are applauded as great professional kitchen accessories. No longer concern yourself about getting cut or accidently including blood into the salad. You’ll no longer need plasters or bandages, after slicing with your mandolin.

There not just for cooking either, they can also be used for working with plants in the garden or moving sharp items at work. Light but yet strong fibers offer maximum dexterity meaning that you can carry them and slip them on for greater usability. Give YOURSELF a gift that keeps on saving. In that case, buy two or three pairs! We are sure you can think of another place the other pair or give a pack to someone who would love this as a gift


It can be a hectic ride buying things online with having to worry about returning it in a certain amount of time. Not with us! If you don’t like it at any time, or it just wasn’t what you had in mind, just send it back our way, and we’ll make sure a refund is in order for you. You’ll get no argument from us


If you order today, check out the ‘Special Offers and Product Promotions’ section above or the listing coupon image to find out about savings you can make on fantastic kitchen accessories from SimpiFine that you can get with this order

GET THIS FREE: For a limited time we’ll give you these top performance slash free gloves when you purchase the SimpliFine Supreme Mandolin


List Price: $ 9.99


Home Teeth Whitening Kit- 4 shades whiter in 7 Days or Less 100% Guaranteed(Shading guide included) – Newly Released Exclusive Platinum Collection-New White LED Light, 2 Moldable Mouth Trays, Vitamin E Swabs for Ensured Comfort, 4 Syringes with Dentist Highly Recommended 35% Peroxide, Mouth Guard Case, Shading Guide and Bonus “Night Time” Pen. Safe for Cavity Fillings, Capped Teeth and Even Crowns. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Enter Coupon Code RDDL6NBB at Checkout and Save .00 Instantly!

  • Complete Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Includes 35% Gels, Trays, Case, Light

We all know just how important a smile is. It is the first thing people notice about you. That is why we have created a product that not only produces optimal results, but also provides people the confidence to actually enjoy Smiling!
The IllumiWhite Platinum Collection from Bright White Smiles is a top of the line home teeth whitening kit. 100 of customers notice a dramatic difference within 7 days OR LESS of using this system.

Included is our newly released White LED Whitening Activator Light, 4 Filled 35 peroxide syringes, 2 custom forming teeth trays, 8 Vitamin E Snap Swabs, Shading guide, Bonus on the go or Night Time pen, case and instructions. We use #1 Dentist recommended 35 Carbamide Peroxide because studies show optimal results occur with this percentage. A higher percentage may damage enamel and cause aching to teeth, while a lower dosage in most studies does not whiten enough. If you are looking for an at home kit that is up to par with a dental whitening, without having to go to the dentist, you have found the right product. We Guarantee results!

Use our teeth whitening trays once per day for the first week. If your teeth do become sensitive, reduce treatment down to once every other day.
You will see your teeth will be 4 shades whiter within the first week or less or you will receive 100 of your money back. Directions for the teeth whitening bonus pen are as follows: Use it On The Go or before bed. Apply thin layer to teeth and allow 1 minute to dry before closing mouth. No need to rinse. Enjoy results!
With The IllumiWhite Platinum Collection by Bright White Smiles we also provide a 30 day money back guarantee for all customers! If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied! Enjoy!

List Price: $ 99.99


Question by : Is the website “” safe to do some online shopping?
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You’re not fooling anyone, this is obvious spam advertising

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