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LAMINATED 24×24 Poster: Bubbles Shopping Website Icons Buy Social Media Purchase Like Love Cloud Data Online Internet Technology Business Person Web Store Market Modern Mobile Digital

  • Laminated durable tear resistant 24×24 HD Poster. Bold & vivid colors.
  • Printed on high quality 24lb photo gloss paper
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  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or full money back refund
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24×24 Laminted high quality poster. Decorate your home or office with high quality posters. Printed on the high quality thick poster paper, it will please your eyes for years to come. bubbles, shopping, website icons, buy, social media, purchase, like, love, cloud, data, online, internet, technology, business, person, web, store, market, modern, mobile, digital, symbol, commercial, smartphone, wordpress, design, phone, transaction, communication, electronic, marketing, screen, device, tablet, display, information, network, laptop, finance, advertising, media, office, social, flat, infographic, seo, sign, website, social icons, social media icons vector, social media icons, social media marketing, social marketing, internet icons, app, internet icon, web icons, design icon, free icons, button, royalty free, analytics, wifi, cloud computing, big data, client, hosting, data center, database, connection, small business, web development, pink, blue, yellow, circles, decoration, round

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Create Author Website No Technical Skills Required – WordPress Website, Step by Step DVD video learning course on how to build your own website, SEO, Drive Traffic, Build a List, Monetize your website, Sell Directly from your Website, Security, Google Analytics, Work with Plugins, Backup WordPress Website

  • Complete course on How to Create a WordPress Website
  • 42 Step by Step Video Lessons on how to create a WordPress Website
  • SEO, Build a list of subscribers, Monetize your website
  • Shopping Carts, WordPress Plugins
  • Webiste Security and backup

42 Step by Step Videos

Essential Skills


Register Domain Name

Buy Hosting

Installing WordPress

Install Basic Author Web Site Theme

Setup the Main Navigation Menubar

Create Header Image using GIMP

Building the Home Page

Building the New Books Coming Soon Page

Building the About Page

Building the Books Page

Monetize your Web Site

PayPal IPN

Shopping Cart

Add to Cart Button

Checkout Process

List Building

Introduction to List Building

Sign Up for MailChimp Account

Newsletter Setup Process

Newsletter Setup Steps

Email Campaigns

Follow Up Email Series

Contact Form

SEO and Driving Traffic

Introduction to SEO and Driving Traffic

Create Google Analytics Account

Set Up Yoast Google Analytics Plugin

Set Up SEO Yoast Plugin

6 Step SEO Checklist

Verify Web Site in Google Webmaster Tools

Web Site Security and Backup

How to Secure your Web Site

Backup and Restore Complete Web Site

Backup Individual WordPress Site

3 Easy Steps to Protect your Computer

Miscellaneous Topics

Install GIMP

Create Header Image using Photoshop

Install and Setup of Filezilla FTP Application



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Usability Testing Versus Heuristic Evaluation: A Case Study On Online Shopping Website

A poorly designed and unusable system can lead to immense frustration to users, reduced productivity, undesirable profit lose and deterioration of one’s quality of life. To determine a successful interactive system, usability should be integrated in the design process to ensure greater shifts in efficiency and help to reduce work task errors. Incorporating usability in the development process can help to bridge the communication and procurement process for suppliers and customer organisations. Two usability evaluation methods, usability testing and heuristic evaluation were employed to evaluate on an online shopping website, namely The main difference of these two usability evaluation methods is: usability testing involves real users in the test; whilst heuristic evaluation is a ‘quick and cheap’ technique to evaluate user interface with reference to a rule of thumbs by experts. Cost-benefit analysis was also carried out to justify which usability evaluation method was more cost-effective. The effectiveness of Common Industry Format (now as ISO/IEC 25062:2006) industry-reporting format for both usability evaluation methods is also discussed.

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Question by : Is the website “” safe to do some online shopping?
I’m suspicious about this website because the prices are so cheap such as ps3 member price: $ 154 VIP price : $ 132. I just want to make sure. Can some professional check this…I.T experts…N.S.A..ha-ha. seriously.

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Answer by Matt H.
You’re not fooling anyone, this is obvious spam advertising

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AAA WEBSITE OFFERS NEW ONLINE BOOKING TOOL.: An article from: Online Product News

This digital document is an article from Online Product News, published by Thomson Gale on April 1, 2007. The length of the article is 580 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Author: Gale Reference Team
Publication: Online Product News (Newsletter)
Date: April 1, 2007
Publisher: Thomson Gale
Volume: 26 Issue: 4 Page: NA

Distributed by Thomson Gale

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Question by Kathleen: What website has the best deal for National Canada calls?
Looking for an online “calling card” for Canada to Canada calls. I’d prefer a card that doesn’t expire after a month as a lot of these cards don’t carry minutes forward and expire after a set period of time.


Best answer:

Answer by NaxVse 1.9 cents a minute without any tax or fee

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