Question by meh: Trying to book tickets for a flight this weekend but the seat map seems to have all occupied seats?
I have a last minute trip and am looking to fly out this weekend and I am looking on Alaska air. For the “hot deals” it is at $ 132 one way. The thing is, when I click view available seating it has all occupied seats besides a few first class and some “preferred seating”, which I don’t understand. If I book this what will happen? Can I still get on this flight or a later one if they’re full?

I’m 16.

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Answer by James Smith
Airlines always over book flights to make sure all of the seats are filled. If they let you buy a ticket they will just assign you a seat when you get your boarding pass. If you do get bumped they are supposed to compensate you.

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  • dcgirl says:

    Book without a seat assignment. If there are “preferred” seats left when you check in, you will be assigned one of these without any extra charge. Preferred seating is select rows on an aircraft (sometimes there is more leg room, sometimes there’s nothing special about them other than being towards the front of the plane where you can get off of the plane first) which the airline holds back so that someone with Elite status in their frequent flyer program can have a “good” seat even if they book last minute. If the plane is truly full, the airline will ask for volunteers to go on a later flight. A lot of frequent flyers volunteer because you get vouchers for your next flight, and sometimes they’re worth more than you paid for the flight. If you end up being the one without a seat, you’ll get put on the next flight AND get a voucher too.

  • Kristin says:

    There are still empty seats on the plane. More than likely there are people booked in coach that will upgrade to first class when they get to the airport and then more coach seats will open up.

    Go ahead and book it. If it is oversold your name will be “rolled over” to the next flight. Plus depending on the time of the flight you will have no-shows. Either it is early in the morning and people will oversleep or it’s later in the day and you will have mis-connects(people who are connecting onto this flight from another, and their first leg is delayed).

    Also if it looks like it might be full give the gate agent a sob story. “I’m 16 and flying alone and don’t know what I will do if I get bumped off this flight.” or something like that. Sometime you will get a really nice gate agent and they will work with you to get you on the flight.

    Good luck and have fun!

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